Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bavu Blakes SANCT Listening Party
Trae tha Truth + XV Live in Austin

MAYNE HOLD UP! I done told you already that I've had server problems, and this is why all these posts are so late and being hastily thrown up on a Sunday but hey, they are important none the less and got to reach the people and such and so it shall be and here we go again.

This whole day, REALLY WENT DOWN!

From Trae's in store at Nice Kicks, to Bavu's listening session just down the street at Complete Clothing, to the concert that night at Red 7, suffice it to say, IT WENT DOWN. As evidenced by these photos.

A veritable who's who of the Austin rap illuminati came out to all these place to rep for two of the best our state hath ever produced unto the rap game. Bavu and Trae.

Like me and Sascha, we came out for all that shit.

Crew 54 was in the house getting the story on the new forthcoming SANCT EP. Bavu Blakes, with all the production handled by Reggie Coby. I've been jammin' the hell out of it for a few weeks now. Wait for it. Here it comes.

Trae, Pyrexx, Rod C, Yung Quis, EZ, Show, Clip and more came out to check Bavu en route to their show that night. Down there by the campus. Seen here with JBro of Riders Against The Storm!

My homeys behind - Alie and Stephanie, seen here with my boy JohnnyBlaze and #1 Austin songstress Yadira Brown.

Me and Amad go waaaaaay back! Word to The Warriors.

Trae found it real funny that Pyrexx and Lowkey look a little bit alike. . I can't front they sort of do. Collabo, lez go. Both of them can genuinely rap.

Samaan catches up with Reggie Coby and Bavu Blakes

The man EZAccess seen here with Pyrexx and Trae

DJ Kurupt and Brotha K! LEGENDS

Tuk da Gat


League of Extraordinary G'z in the house even before they hit the road with Dead Prez and done showed a nation

Lil J

Kid Slice and Traci Miller

Black Prophet and Friend

Running that Complete Clothing. HAT BATTLE

De ladies Christie and Traci!

Avi in the place

Blaxsmith in the place

Anyhow it really went down over there. It was about 100 degrees on the street and 120 in the store and we drank Lone Star beers both inside and outside the store. I assume its not legal to pound Lone Stars out there on Guadalupe. I mean, I assume way after the fact,but I assume.

Red 7 was crunk as hell on this particular night.


Kansas City's own XV opened the show. Making him one of three Kansas City rappers/rap groups currently on the blog right now (Ces Cru, Mac Lethal)

I always loved Kansas City. And I love that XV really does his own thing.

Word to Rich the Factor

Speaking of a street king, H-Town's Street King Trae tha Truth went the fuck off on this particular night.

Crazy enough he gave a similar show to what he did in Houston only weeks before. Only in Houston he had a full band, guests like Lupe Fiasco and Waka Flocka (and way more) and his whole hometown on his back. In Austin he had a rockin' Red 7 and that was about it. Still and all, he did a genuinely real show.

Which is all I ask for.

Jayton came out and wrecked of course, with Rod C.

Rapid Ric worked the turntables.

Pyrexx came out and wrecked that "Strapped Up"

And Trae just really held it down.

And called the whole crowd up on stage.

And it got crazy.

Trae even stayed way past 2am, signing everyones posters and CDs and man I can't tell you how dope it was to see Trae rock Red 7 on his Street King tour. Word up. Keep it coming.

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