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Pop Montreal 2011 - or -
Yeah, B L A C K I E, Fat Tony, Bubba and ADD made it to Canada

Which is fairly unbelievable but o.k. yes they did. The times, they must be a changin'....

Anyway this was my 6th Pop Montreal IN A ROW and I have to say that every year it just gets better and every year when I arrive in Montreal I feel like I never left. Family style friends and that city, its just really welcoming...

Thanks to the King Bee of the whole thang, and poutine connoussieur (<-- the French spelling)once again...

Dan Seligmayne (<-- not the French spelling). This picture was taken one late night when I was rolling with the man hisself, and we decided to get some poutine and eat it backstage on a stack of beer, backstage of a venue in the basement of a church. Yeah, like I said, it really went down.

Pop's Princess turned 2 years old on Day 1!

And had an excellent DJ spinning actual vinyl at her party!

OMG Two of my realest people in the whole north, Melanie and Hil in the hizzy. Where's Patirica tho?

Maybe she was in here, I dunno.

Anyhoo, the Seligmayne's are a beautiful family.

As evidenced by these photos, and their daughter was born two years ago just days before Pop Montreal 2009. And Dan didn't have a coronary, which makes him a super kingpin of the festival lifestyle ad nauseum, no one can deny.

The kid had to leave early though to go catch a pre-season Habs game, which had me trippin' cuz I would have totally gone to that but whatever, it was time to rock and roll.

With my family. One of my oldest friends (both literally and figuratively) Bubba Hightower and one of the greatest musical entities of all time and the man who embodies everything that I find good in music hands down, B L A C K I E.

And of course my new friend and way up there on the list favorite rapper Lezbianic Blunt Fang and my brother and teetering right there on the edge of the top rapper status, and definitely most entertaining after a few drinks with two mics rapper, Fat Tony.

These spiders were all over the windows on St. Laurent, a main street in Pop Montreal ville, but no one in Montreal could explain them to us. They didn't seem worried, we Texans, were a bit nervous. Spiders that look like this in Texas will kill the fuck out of you.

Anyway these dudes were on the street trying to get the free public wifi, cuz Blunt Fang had his music in his email, and well if he could just download it from the email, and transfer it to Tony's phone everything would be all good.

I just kinda SMH'd but um, it all worked out, and...

The Lezbianic Blunt done wrecked the stage.

Headed over to Club Hohn where I think I saw Recife jammin.

This being Recife I am pretty sure. Whatever it was they were jammin', in surround sound.

The next day, Blunt Fang, Fat Tony and B L A C K I E all had sets outside in the afternoon at the Notman House. So of course we had to get our nourishment.

B L A C K I E seen here with said nourishment (poutine of champions)

Dude not only got into Canada, but he got into Canada WITH ALL THIS SHIT. Crazy. I once tried to drive into Canada with my sister and they tore my car up and sent me home. I was real happy B L A C K I E and them didn't get the same curmudgeons that I did.

Blunt Fang was shinin' like Diddy out that ho.

And made new fans.

And he and Tony did their hit "Lezbianic Blunt" together.

Fat Tony done wrecked like hell. I love how he rocks two mics and is his own hype man. Shit is insane.

In the best way.

Fat Tony and DJ Ipod Ammo

Then B L A C K I E cranked his wall of speakers up and pretty much freaked out a 20 block radius around the Notman House.

But I mean those who really saw it, dug it.

Word is the cops came during the next bands set and were really mad.

I dunno, what're you gonna do.

Bring the noise is what B L A C K I E's gonna do.

And bring the noise he did.

See B L A C K I E live in Austin this Saturday Night October 1st at the White Swan!

A message from our sponsors.

I hate to say it but rolling with 6 dudes or whatever, I have to say that I mostly took pictures of them. I wish I would have done a better job documenting all the bands I saw, but I have gotten lazy with the camera, I admit that.

So here's more of B L A C K I E tearing it up that night at Club Lambi.

Right before Death Grips!

Things ran a lil late, so we missed Fat Tony's set at the other spot in the church basement, but word has it he killed it of course. We did however get to see Sarah Linhares behind the bar though! Her new album Messages From The Future is out NOW and she is down with the brother o mine DJ JESTER. SO yeah, that's fam.

Sarah Linhares

Vockah Redu is always a site to behold

And a wonderful show.

I love New Orleans.

The craft fair Puces Pop, was poppin' once again. I love that place. The record fair was as well but I couldn't spend too much time there, I really haven't got that vinyl money anymore!

Saw this kitchen knife set in a window somewhere on Mount Royal. Someone get this for me please. I didn't think I could take it on the plane, soooo... yeah.

Went back and hung at the Notman House again for a bit on Saturday where Tanika Charles and the Wonderfuls were straigth killing it!

Sweet soul sounds outside in Montreal.

(And no cops)

Hi Donna! See you in Austin soon!

These boys plottin'.

The crew, Fat Tony, Bubba Hightower, Blunt Fang, B L A C K I E...

This is Tony asleep in my hotel room after watching too many Iggy Pop youtubes.

B L A C K I E and Bubba out on the terrace. You can't tell here but Bubba was suffering from vertigo at this very moment.

But I mean the view was gorgeous. I am telling you, the Trylon Apartments/Hotel in Montreal is hands down my favorite place to stay in the world. An excellent spot to really chill. It really is like my home away from home.

I hope my neighbors enjoyed the smell of hash and chicken pot pies cuz that was what was really goin' down up in there.

And here's an actual video of said view:

Saturday afternoon/evening we hit up a super cool backyard BBQ and saw the whole crews new favorite group, Institutional Prostitution.

Pretty much the kind of group I like to see.

Just jammin'. In fact a car alarm went off during (for most of) their set and they didn't bat an eye, they just went with it.

In fact YOU CAN HEAR SAID SET HERE. THANKS TO BUBBA AND HIS LIL RECORDING THING. Dude looked like Rerun when he went to see the Doobie Brothers on What's Happening, but nobody sweated him for bootlegging this particular EVENT.

Here's a clip from the show of them doing their song "06 FUEGO FUEGO PARA UN AMANTE DEL FRIO (JULIE'S EULOGY)"

And here's a little bit about themselves from their webiste:
"Ip is a band who would love to be either Jacques Rivette or Mis krazie.
Ip is really into contemporary dance, reggeaton and community center shows with teenagers.
Ip is violons and fluoranscent lights.
Ip steals from your Grocery Stores and organizes funeral for your car."

Get with it. It's a movement.

If you couldn't tell by just the photos alone. Viva Canada.

Then this band played and I wrote down who they were and I can't fucking find any of my notes from any of this.

So yeah this post is a total freestyle.

B L A C K I E and Blunt Fang opting for pizza over poutine.

Things were winding down around this point.

Also I was there in Montreal on the first day of fall. #Beautifool

Montreal is gorgeous.

One of my favorite cities in the world.

This is pretty much what my walk back to the hotel looked like every night of Pop Montreal. Yes, it really went down. Good Night Canada.

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