Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rest In Peace MVGGIE
Stay Strong Candice

And prayers for you both, and your familes and all of us in the Texas hip-hop community who really feel this loss.

Got a text from my brother Mason on Monday morning that sent me into shock. Two of his close friends, and close friends of many in the Texas hip-hop community had gone out on Sunday night and their car ran out of gas. They pulled over onto an exit ramp, went and filled up a gas can and while they were filling the tank an SUV hit them. Maggie Wilson was killed, Candice Anderson remains in the hospital.

The two are best friends in every sense of the word, and that was evident the couple of times I was around them. I didn't know them well but we met, and had communicated over the internet at times (it's 2012) and I always knew they were the kind of people who were really real about this music. Also, real about the right kind of music. The real stuff coming out of Texas and making it just great these days. We need more people like this.

Anyway I can't lie, when I look at them I see my daughters fast forwarded 15 years or so. Super hip, smart, music heads running things in their own world. With so much to look forward to. And Candice you still have a lot to look forward to. I hope everyone stands together to help her and the families get through this. This is truly a tragic loss on so many levels.

There's a couple videos from Dallas TV after the jump... Rest in Peace MVGGIE, Get Well Soon and Stay Strong Candice. And all the rest of y'all be careful out there.

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