Saturday, January 19, 2008

300 Skaters About to Look Real Throwed

I remember round about last year sometime when Bun B called me to ask what I thought about the idea of a U.G.K. Skateboard. He told me he had been kicking around the idea with the folks over at Dirty Ghetto Kids and I remember thinking that there really couldn't be a more perfect marriage. Ten years ago, the concept of a UGK skateboard would have sounded "mad funny yo." Simply because closed minded people could never imagine a UGK fan on a skateboard.

But open your eyes America cuz "shit is mad real" and not necessarily the way you might hath thunk it. Peep the real...

I used to kind of sort of skate. Never seriously cuz I was always tall and lanky (with a beer gut since I was like 12), and honestly the ground just looked so far away everytime I'd get up on the board. Maybe if I had one of these I would have been inspired to keep on. Maybe not. I wiped out A LOT.

But I mean, this shit is just next level. My 5 year old, Eva asked for a skateboard this Christmas, and I lobbyed against it. Maybe I'll get one of these and hold it for her till she's able to handle it.

Act fast though, 300 ain't a lot.

And if this is the shirt, I think I'ma start liking street wear again.


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