Friday, January 11, 2008

Late Night Trippin' On A School Night in AustinSurreal Ville

Yeah man so we did it up. We hit the streets. Hit two events. My wife and I and Sun-Jue traipsing thru the downtown streets high out of our minds in the cold. Doing it all. Everything. Rap things. Rock things. Avant-Gardist things. Hippie things. All that shit. For this is Austin.

Anyway yeah, before I get into all that, firstly and most importantly might I give to you THE FIRST WEEKLY FLOW BY MR. BAVU BLAKES! Dude's gonna do a song a week all year in addition to his three releases and you'll be able to get them all here.

No, I won't post YOUR freestyles too. Thanks.

Also, and way more important than me going and seeing a rap show... THE KUCH IS IN TOWN TODAY TO OVERTHROW THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT. Well, at least to sue the Democratic (sic) Party of Texas. And I ain't mad at him for taking a stand. Not at all.

Attaboy Dennis.

And for more perspective on Dennis Kucinich and to possibly get your Austin mind off the abortion hating, Mexico fence wanting Ron Paul, here's an interview I did with Kucinich on Damage Control during the last election. Features BUN B and DJ Chill and way more. You just might enjoy this. Though please remember that it was the first and only time I ever interviewed a politician.

Also my real opinion is that Kucinich and Paul should posse up and start their own party. Possibly their own country.

Anyway, here's the report from the street. Our beloved "protected" entertainment district. Though I have to wonder, who's gonna protect the clubs on Red River from the yucky condos they are building round about 10th Street?

Get 'em Kuch!

Anyway last night we went out for Slim Gutta's birthday party at Karma which was also a huge local show of sorts with a ton of MC's performing. I don't know totally what was going on because all I could hear was Flynn D. This here is my man Flynn D, we have the same birthday and this is HIS year.

Also Slim Gutta and Pimpin' Pen are set for quite a year. Word is that Pimpin' partner in VIP, K-Paul was arrested this week and could be away for some time. Which is a shame, a damn shame.

Oscar of Luxury Mindz is a much better photographer than me. Oh yeah, I forgot my flash. As usual.

Flynn D and Pimpin' Pen rapping in the bathroom.

Rapper pon di stage.

The ladies were loving the rapping and such so much.

Tosin and Oscar model their shirts.

Anyway yeah, the ladies were loving the rapping quite a lot, but we had rounds to make so we took off for Emo's after a short pit stop in the smoking section.


Anyway we went down ta the Emo's for a set by RUBBLE which features Shawn David McMillion on guitar and vocals and King Coffee formerly of the Butthole Surfers on the drums. Craig Stewart was conspicuously absent. Anyway, me and Shawn used to drive around Houston smoking from a water bong on the freeway and shit. That's my dude. Glad to see he is blowing up.

They of course, KILLED IT!

Killa Kang!

Man, the ladies REALLY loved the rock as well. Man, what super troopers.

And then this happend.

And word is there was an oil spill just off of 6th Street too. I love this town.


BrutusJones said...

The ladies were loving the rapping and such so much.

They are so warm and loving! Look at those eyes! Such darlings: compassion, tenderness, and caring about men's needs. True women like this are what makes Austin famously surreal.

I now ponder various Gary Stewart songs (google him, bitch!), as I look at the photos of those two: "I See the Want in Your Eyes." "Out of Hand." "She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)."

OK that's out of hand for me to imply that. I've got this drinkin' thing...

Crew54 said...

haha yeah, it was an interesting night last night. cool to meet up with you, I know mad cats were doing that. I am anxious to see what the show on the 20th is going to be like.

m o s