Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mr. Lucci, Kottonmouth, Doughski and Stubb-A-Lean Visit the SXSW Offices

It's real! They came thru the office to hip me to their latest venture, ADDIKTION CLOTHING! AND to confirm their place this year once again at SXSW. That's right Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci, the Stoney Crook Family and Kottonmouth Jesse will all be at SXSW again this year. I think I stated on HoustonSoReal last year that theirs were two of the sets that I loved the most. Real talk, I'm a Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci and Kottonmouth fanatic. Dallas been getting some attention lately, I hope that momentum grows and grows.

Kottonmouth Jesse, Big Doughski G, Mr. Lucci, Stubb-A-Lean

Also coming to SXSW this year - Bun B and the UGK Records Family (A Tribute to Pimp C?), Dizzee Rascal, um, David Banner, Tech N9ne and man, I have quite a lot more to announce.

Unfortunately if you didn't get your application in on time, we won't be able to accept you last minute like in some years past. We have had more hip-hop applications and inquiries this year than ever. Big labels who used to laugh at me and say SXSW is some sort of hippie fest are calling ME now.

It's gonna be insane this year folks. I suggest you buy a badge if you can.

Anyway, as evidenced by these here photos, these boys have a new clothing line dedicated to the um, well, things many of us love so much. Their first shirt is the DRANKHEADZ Design seen here with DROHEADZ and BEANHEADZ and more on the way (I need those ones more than I need the Drank shirt to be real with you. I'd rather spend $4 on a vicodin than $40 on a few sips of lean. THE LEAN AND BEAN GAME IS ALL FUCKED UP THESE DAYS! Sorry, I just had to vent. Legalize Presciption Drugs for the Masses. This my friends is part of my campaign platform. SoReal Surrealstein in 2012.)

Cuz I mean, they done fucked over THE KUCH here in Texas. So tired of these sappy Democrackas and slappy Republibums. So tired. Freedom is dead. Just sign the paper mister. Fuck.

Also, want to get rich? Open a Ron Paul T-Shirt stand in Austin. Seems as though everyone in this town is down for the ReLOVEution or whatever it is. I'm not fully sold on the dude. Though he's better than any other option we have save for the Kuch. I'm saying dudes, there's strength in numbers. If Kucinich and Paul were to posse up, I'd pledge full support for what it's worth. But we wouldn't build no fence. Fuck that. The Narcos have enough power. On both sides (of the damn game).

Wait, we were talking about rap and drank t-shirts.

Anyway, I got a lot of love for these dudes. Real dudes man.

Close up.

Also, this record jams like hell. Track 10 "Smoke Something" with Pookie, Lucci and Mr. Montis is off the freakin' chain. These dudes make some of the best weed smoking music on the planet.

Which is what is really important. Right? See you at Beauty Bar tonight for this Beauty Bash 2 with Nick Nack and Rapid Ric. And no, I am not and never have been a raver. Just wanna see my people.


melissa said...

Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci?? at SXSW??? I first heard them when I was 17 or 18. I am excited. and don't forget, it's MILAM Y SONZALA all the way!!!!

ND said...

THE NEW RETAIL (Music + Apparell)