Sunday, September 14, 2008

Devin + KRSONE Live in NYC
Common After Party

First and foremost thanks to everyone who hit me with some links. Hokje you are a miracle for me. I appreciate all that. Gotta get AustinSurreal ON THAT LEVEL.

Sorry I have been out of touch this past week, for the most part. Been catching up on work. Having people in from Houston who were escaping Hurricane Ike. Etc...

Also I need to send a shout out to Houston and the whole Gulf Coast. Hoping all my peoples and everyone else is ok. Praying for everyone out there right now as I know you are suffering. I pretty much sent the word out to all my peoples, but if you are without power or facing flood, come to Austin, stay with us, lets do this.

Also, I am hoping to be in Houston Tuesday for the Redman concert, if it is still happening.

LOUD Shout out to everyone at, especially my peeps at Ballers Eve and Queen Majesty up ta the Deadly Dragon Show. Last weeks festival was off the chain for real. And it's a great story. So hold up, here we go.

This was the Green Room Outside the Green Room. As in the "Green" Room, or maybe the Green Room. However you want to call it. It's where we smoked like 20 joints throughout the day and got hizzy out of our heads. Anyway, Nigerian Haze is the new jump off. Also gummy hash served in half a folded business card. Thanks fellers!

Anyway Devin and I got together in NYC at the hotel round about midday Friday and headed to Sirius Radio to kick it with Lord Sear and Rude Jude (via Satellite). I can't believe I didn't get any photos up there, cuz Sear is my man, and it was a real dope experience.

They even played this song to get Devin's opinion of it. I told him it was a classic, he said I wasn't even trippin'. I'ma try to get the audio for this show asap.

Anyway here go them boys from Ballers Eve. These are my peoples.

It went down out there at the fest.

Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself in the story. So we go to Sirius, that's all good. Then Jordan from Ballers Eve takes us to Lil Frankies for dinner. My Lord, Lil Frankies is that shit. So good. Frank the proprietor also owns EVR and sponsored the whole festival. An entire day festival at a major spot in NYC with great headliners and no corporate sponsors? Wow. My heros.

And the food was amazing. I had a Spinach Gnocci that blew my tits inside out.

Then we went next door to EVR so Devin could do an interview with my old school partner Kyu aka Chino and Capital P on THE BLOCK. I loved that these boys, boths OG Music Heads FOR REAL had so much classic vinyl in that little mirrored closet that is East Village Radio. I was stuck off the realness of it all. Plus OG CHino is my dude for real.

Then I was supposed to go see my girl Puja Patel and my dudes Emynd and BoBliz (y mas) at this party in Brooklyn, but then it started raining, no one would go with me, I had no cab fare, I was wasted and full off that Gnocci, etc. So I missed it and went to bed in my lil ol hotel room in the East Village.

OH WAIT! There's so much more to this story. Important shit. Important side note about how this trip to Manhattan was one of the best ever for me. See I'm a cheap bastard. New York is not for cheap bastards. I live in Texas where 6 packs of premium beer are like $8. In Manhattan, a 6 pack of Miller Lite will run you a clean $11 EASY. Anyway, the Lucky Food Store on First Ave, just south of Houston (whatever the street is called south of Houston) had these 22 oz. Yuenglings on sale for $1.59. I bought so many of those, the dude finally told me to just buy a case (15). And when I went in on Sunday at like 10 a.m. to get some tea he says to me, "What? No beer?"

I bought a lot of them damn Yuenglings. Do the math, it's the best deal on the whole east coast.

Anyhoo... that damn rain was only a precursor for Saturday, as man, it came down. So hard that they had to postpone the festival till Sunday. Man, they had to rebook our flights, get us an extra night at the hotel and all that. Feed us even more, man they weren't even trippin'. And an extra day in nYC at the end of the summer is never a bad thing. Thanks for that as well EVR. What an event. Sunday was sunny and warm and perfect. Saturday I sat in my room drinking Yuengling and watching "It's So Cold in the D" and "Beatiful Sunrises" on Youtube with Tierney, Lin Yee and big time singer girl Maggie Horn all day. Also Devin.

I met 4-Eyez up in the Ozone Awards just a couple weeks earlier and it didn't click with me that this was the same dude when I saw the flyer. So dope to see him again. Dude is about to kill it.

Ballers Eve crew again.

Queen Majesty and Courtney accompanied me to the event so as I could look more Baller than the entire crew of Ballers Eve. Anyway Courtney is one of the founders of Doing internet thangs when I barely knew what email was. I actually have a "better" photo of these 2, but they weren't making funny faces so fuck it.

Devin, the crew and 4-Ize.

Kat Daddy Slim of Ballers Eve.

DJ Sergio Vega was formerly the bassist for QUICKSAND now he does a dirty south radio show from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was real good to sit and talk with dude about the olden days and such. I always had a bit of a prejudice against NY Hardcore, cuz at one point in time, all the kids in my town started going "hardcore" and fighting and acting tough and shit, and honestly I wasn't about to have that BS up in my shows. That being said Quicksand was always different. Definitely on another level musically. They kind of changed the game back in those days and brought NYHC to another level. Which I always repected about them. Sergio said some shit to me like "Yeah man, back in the day all these bands who were bigger than us, Sick of It All, etc, would holler at us about opening for us. We didn't get it at first but then we realized, at those dudes shows they had all guys in the crowd, ours were always even between guys and girls."

I can see that. (PS That quote is roughly translated from memory) We talked a lot about that period of music and man, I always like hearing stories from dudes who are truly originators. WHO WERE THERE DUDE.

WHile in reality Courtney should be taking way more photos in her life, she just doesn't take many at all and even uses words such as "hate" when speaking of having her photo taken. QUIT TRIPPIN'.

Of course Queen Majesty was killin' it on the decks for the people like only she can. See her live at the Scoot Inn in Austin in November. Possibly October as well. Info coming soon.

This dude played right after Queen Majesty. And I'm not totally sure what he was doing, but he was doing it.

Devin the Dude and John Oliver of the Daily Show could introduce more reform to our fucked country at this moment than any of the candidates involved right now. Now THAT'S the ticket. (Word to Jon Lovitz).

This the type of sausage party I like. Frank, you are a madman. Franks' is my new spot in NYC. Did I tell you I also had "Norwegian Eggs?" Which was basically Eggs Benedict with salmon instead of ham? CAN A MAN SUCH AS MYSELF ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE?


"The salmon is crazy out there." Direct quote from KRS ONE.

KRS ONE introduced Devin and later ripped a set of his own. Making an already exciting day even moreso. Thanks Teach.

Devin hit the stage, and three songs into it a man came up to me and asked me if his set could be a little less X-Rated. I said "Ohhh don't worry I think the rest of the songs are weed songs." Then like 30 seconds later the music cut out. I was behind the turntables on the side of the stage and figured that the South Street Seaport folks cut him off cuz he was too explicit. So I looked at my mixer to see if something was up, and someone behind me thought they were cute and had turned the master volume down when I was not looking. I was surrounded by KRS ONE hangers on, so I figure one of them thought they were doing their duty for real hip hop. I don't know. I certainly don't blame KRS, but it was one of them fools who touched my shit. I think.

Anyway he killed it, fuck the dumb shit. You can listen to his entire set HERE. He comes in toward the middle of this file.

I only roll with greatest, LIN YEE!


KRS Came out and KILT IT!

DJ Benny B

Tierney, mi amigo numero uno from ATX up ta the New York City town... aka Bierney. She needs a job. Possibly as a beer taster or maybe a music marketing genius type position.

And of course, here's me and my dog Yuengling tha 22sta up ta New York City Town. Seriously, $1.59 for a 22 of brew in NYC hasn't happened since like 1977 or some shit. THANKS YUENGLING!

Anyway so we came home on Monday. Back to work Tuesday playing catch up and such. Then we started hearing the reports of Hurricane Ike tearing up Cuba and Haiti and heading for Houston. So we figured we'd have some company. Thursday our friends Sabrina, Roy and Brianna came to town and we been kicking it hard ever since. Austin didn't get a drop of rain, in fact it's been downright nice all weekend. I wanted it to rain so I'd have an excuse to sit and watch films all weekend. But whatever. Houston appears to be quite torn up, my prayers are with all of y'all and I hope to see you this week.

And Thursday I missed the Common show, but I did hit the after party. Where I sat on the roof of the Mohawk and contemplated the future.

Common up in the makeshift VIP Section. Giving direction and such.

Dr. Dubbist of Grimy Styles. Look for Grimy Styles and Queen Majesty to reunite under the stars in Austin REAL SOON!

Ann Del Lano. I worked with Ann on this project called TEXAS IS IN PLAY and hopefully tomorrow I will be posting the fruits of our labor daily for the rest of the month. It's basically a series of viral videos that are going to try and inspire the people of Texas who do not vote (the hood, the youth, most people) to vote and turn Texas Blue. I'd rather turn it green, but you know, blue will be better than that horrid shade of red we hath been sporting. Anyway, word to Davey D, tune in here and you will see mas.

KB da Boobonic and Flynn D aka the new Andre y Erykah of rap. Ha.

Kunal Merchant gets events poppin'. Seen here with DJ Rapid Ric.

I'm still learning how to use my wifes camera. Shit, I'm still learning how to use my camera.

Valerie is from Del Rio Texas, went to school with Rapid Ric, and works with Common. Seen here pon di right.

And this my boy Rufus from the Scoot Inn. Look for AustinSurreal at the Scoot Inn REAL SOON LIKE!

Anyway y'all. I have more for you, I just know it. I'll be back tomorrow with some video action.


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Anonymous said...

first off, this show was great. i can't believe it was free. many thanks to all yall.

second, there's a store on greenwich & morton that has 40s for 1.50, which is good even by texas standards