Sunday, September 21, 2008


Me bretheren (sp?)from Pennsylvania coming down on y'all next week right here in Austin so feel the real and get ready to rumble. I wouldn't be down with just any fool from Philly calling himself Dirty South Joe, you know what I'm talm bout? Dude is real and he knows things. Come down and party, I'ma actually leave my house for this one.

Actually, here's proof that I just wouldn't go for just any bol in Philly calling themselves Dirty South Joe... Quite some time ago I went to a party in NYC and I don't remember who was DJing but it was one of my friends that maybe some of y'all would refer to as hipsters. Which would be wrong cuz I don't frequest hipster events even though if at times, hipsters frequest mines, anyhoo. I was at this party and the DJ had a hype man who was annoying the fuck outta me. I asked someone who this hype man was and he said "Some dude from Philly." And he asked his friend and his friend said, "That's Dirty South Joe." I was like, "THAT'S Dirty South Joe?" See I didn't know Joe yet, but I knew he was one of those dudes with infinite knowledge of music, and genuine respect for the south, and he was also a super record head and worked at Armand's which was a super record heads wet dream of a record emporium, so I had had high hopes of the dude, that were dashed if only for a few moments on that fateful night.

But then one day I met the real Dirty South Joe in person. I saw him on the street and yelled out the window like YO DIRTY SOUTH JOE ITS ME MATT! Like I just knew that Palestinian dude in the camo jacket walking like he was about to whoop somebody was him. So he jumped in the car, we listened to a bunch of Sabbath (in the park), and then was that. My bro and such. Anyway, just come check my boy. And expect more B-more than Krizzunk, or a delicate mix as they say.

In fact, check out my dogs Baltimore mix. Cuz I assume you, like I, don't know much about Baltimore music. But it's real man, it's really fuckin' real. R.I.P. K-Swift.

more info about Dirty South Joe

Joey "Dirty South Joe" Massarueh began his professional career in 1990 at Washington D.C.'s infamous 9:30 Club, where he pioneered the "anything goes" style of DJing that rings more popular than ever today. An eventual move to NYC in the mid nineties found him both going back to his roots, and focussing the hip hop side of the brain to all things dirty south inspired, as well as banging out techno and electro tracks with John Selway and Prozac as the Responsible Space Playboys. The crew released an EP on Abe Duque's Tension imprint, as well as doing official remixes for the Detroit Grand Pubas and Keoki among others. Joe, as DJ Deluxxx released the legendary "Crunk B4 Da Fall" dirty south mixtape in 2001, followed by "Da Hood, Da Bad & Da Thugly" trilogy the following year to widespread acclaim, familiarizing the northeast with the sounds of Southern rap years before it took over the airwaves. 2002 found him relocating yet again, this time to Philadelphia, where he began his tenure as the buyer and manager for Armand's Records, the musical home base and inspiration behind the Hollertronix "movement." It was also there where he fell in love with the sound of Baltimore Club, and he released a final ep with the Responsible Space Playboy crew, anchored by the track "Jussapimp," Philly's first official foray into the Bmore Club arena. An eventual induction into the legendary Brick Bandits Crew lead to the birth of Ol' Head Records, a partnership with DJ Sega, and a collaboration with Diplo's Mad Decent label. Ol' Head is set to be the club music wing of Mad Decent, releasing the finest in Bmore club inspired sounds from around the globe. Expect to hear the best in club and house music styles when he plays his furious DJ sets. Dance, follow, or get out of the way!

The bol Joe in between me and Cosmo also featuring DJ Eleven and Maggi Horn...


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