Monday, September 15, 2008

We Are In Play

Here's some video clips from a project I have been working on with Davey D and some other really great folks to be shouted out in a minute. Basically the premise of these promos is to get people to vote. They say that if the 500,000 eligible people in Harris County who are not registered to vote, would actually vote, and vote blue, we could radically alter the playing field in both state wide and national politics. Turn Texas Blue is what I say.

Check out the site and the videos below. Please help spread the word!

Be sure and check out all those videos and the site!

Pass this information along to EVERYONE! DVD for the streets coming at the end of the week I think!

And I leave you with these words from Davey D!

We're in the final leg of one of the most important and exciting Presidential elections in our lifetime. We also have an opportunity to make serious change at the state and local level.
As the first Black district attorney in Harris County history, the second in Texas history, Democratic candidate C. O.
“Brad” Bradford will have an opportunity to change the culture of the criminal justice system in Houston if we do our part and elect him.

When Atlanta rap star Killer Mike spoke at last month's Ozone Awards held here in Houston, he was asked what sort of influence would he and other rap stars have on the 2008 elections.

Killer Mike reminded the capacity crowd that we owe a lot to Obama for holding up a tradition that is dear to our communities and to Hip Hop which is to make a way out of no way. At the same time Obama owes a lot to Hip Hop, because it was the Hip Hop generation of all races that came out and supported him early on without hesitation. But Killer Mike cautioned we have more work to do.

Bun B likewise stated that its not enough to simply say you're for Obama and wear a t-shirt. He said that people need to put their money where their mouth is and step it up. In addition to registering, Bun suggested that artists go out and rent buses and donate them to local churches and civic organizations and see to it that people come to the polls.

Bun B and Killer Mike underscore a basic theme which sometimes isn't fully appreciated and embraced by our generation which is Stand Up, be counted and lets make it happen.

Many so called pundits think that Texas will forever be Bush country, but the truth is that Texas has big vulnerability located in Harris County. One million eligible voters have not registered to vote in Harris County, 500 thousand unregistered voters in Harris County are people of color.
That’s enough to win any election!

Part of the problem has been the result of people falsely believing that their votes won't count. Still others have been led to believe that they can't vote because they are felons. That’s not true. In Texas, you can vote if you are a felon who has completed your sentence, meaning you are no longer in prison or on probation or parole.

Still others have found themselves on the receiving end of some devious political practices by those who see 500 thousand voters as a threat. Keeping folks from the polls is a play for power by people who don't have our best interest at heart.

That can change.
If we all make sure our friends and family members are registered by October 6th and participate in early voting, which will better ensure that all votes are counted, Harris County can flip from Red (Republican) to Blue(Democrat).
If that happens the rest of the state will follow sooner or later and we will have to make room in the history books.

We are asking the people in Harris County to do like Killer Mike suggested and make a way out of no way and stand up. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and hopefully people feel compelled to be part of a process. Its time for Texas to Stand Up. Its' time for Texas to make some serious history.

With that in mind, we have to ask ourselves ... are we doing all that we can do?

Are we taking advantage of the excitement generated by this election and working to create our own history?

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This shit is so real. Keep up the good work.