Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's #texasday !!!

Yeah man not too much to post on the subject myself cuz I ain't got no MTV Jams (though I'd love it if one of y'all would put it on and discreetly let me know). But today the man Dr. Teeth and the ma'am Cherelle Renee done went and interviewed all sorts of artists from Texas, new and old and all relevant and jammin' for this special all Texas day on MTV JAMS. Go check it out and lemme know how it's goin'.

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Eric Allen said...

it was good...they palyed soe wack stuff from Texas...the one thing i was thinking how many states u think could actually take MTV jams over???...i remember when u had ur garage sale before u left houston...picked up some nice stuff from ya! thanks hope all is well in Austin!