Monday, February 15, 2010

Rest In Peace Flavia Roncelli
One of my favorite friends...

Got online to do the radio show, that you may or may not be hearing right now (12:05 a.m. Monday Feb. 15th), checked my email and found out that one of my greatest friends has passed away.

Rest in Peace Flavia Roncelli

These pics are from when I last saw her, November of last year in Amsterdam on my way to Den Haag. I was supposed to get picked up at the airport and driven to the Crossing Border Festival, but I decided to go into the city and see Flavia.

I lived in Amsterdam in 1996, and I met her as we both were promoting shows. I didn't know too many people at the time and when we met she was like "Well lets go." She took me all over Amsterdam and quickly became one of my best friends.

And we always stayed in touch. This is us in like 2006 in Vondel Park when I was in Amsterdam with DJ Chill and Rapid Ric. She told me like 20 times how I still looked the same as ten years before, only fat. One of the true greats. She leaves behind her husband Kevin and daughter Isotta and a whole lot of people the world over. I'm floored.

Thinking about how I've lost three incredibly close friends to cancer in the past three years. Flavia, Brian Bartholomew (seen below) and Steve Spapperi. Come on now. No More...

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