Monday, May 10, 2010

Austin I haven't forgotten you
But man there's a lot going on in Houston right now

I mean seriously, from this whole Trae tha Truth vs. Radio One thang, to ALL THESE EVENTS, Houston, man, it's really goin' down out there. I'ma be up and down 290 a lot in these next few weeks.

Art Car Parade photos are below, but first a note from people whose events I am extremely excited for.

The Houston Palestine Film Festival is always a wonderful event. Films from their side of the world and such. Eye opening, entertaining and IMPORTANT.

I wanna come to the kick off party (and might) but shit man, in AUstin same night is Cypress Hill, Big Freedia with Rusty Lazer, DJ Qbert, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth tour kick off show, SuperLiteBike Release party, man, hold up, I need to stay here Thursday but I'ma try and catch some films in the next couple weeks.

And this show would be nice to attend, but alas also it's my Eva's 8th birthday party so yeah, that trumps THAT!


Man, The Free Press has really come up in the past couple of years. Check the line up on this festival. They are revolutionizing the city of Houston with the swiftness. BUn B is on this as well. How dope is that? More info on Free Press Summer Fest coming soon. Check out for more info right now tho.

Anyway, the whole family hit the road to Houston this past weekend for the Art Car Parade. We really try to not miss this one as it's one of the highlights of our every year. Such a fun gathering.

And this years Grand Marshall was Dan Akroyd, seen here riding with Houston mayor Annise Parker!

It really went down.

You really should meet us there in 2011.

Before everything all ends and shit in 2012 and shit.

Go to for more info and to see the website that represents my favorite venue in the world.

Man I miss Houston, though I do love Austin. We will get back to Surrealville soon here. I swear.

Anyway enjoy the pics, I gotta get the kiddos to bed.

Oh yeah, the Hare Krishna tent is always my favorite part of the parade. Free Vegan Feast!

My kids love having their photos taken.

At events.

Oh yeah also if you haven't heard my latest radio show click here and download the one at the top of the page it's all jams. A REALITY RAVE.

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