Saturday, May 1, 2010

This is who 97.9 The Box (KBXX) Banned.
A real man...

On this, the anniversary of the death of Hawk, another stand up man from Houston, TX, and a great friend of mine, we have to remember to celebrate the life of the ones who are still here with us and fighting the good fight. The ones who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, and who are not afraid to be leaders. Trae Tha Truth is one of those guys.

I mean seriously, I'll never forget the night Hawk was shot and killed. DJ Chill called me at like 11 p.m. and I honestly didn't believe him. In fact I went to bed thinking it had to be a rumor. Who the hell would shoot and kill a man as good as Hawk?

I woke up the next morning to the stirring and disturbing reality. I'd never see my homey John "Hawk" Hawkins again.

His death hit me harder than any other rapper death ever. Not only because I also considered him a friend, but man, I actually looked up to that dude. He held the Screwed Up Click together and always was there for anyone who needed him. He was a stand up guy, and I miss him terribly.

Thinking of him today makes me think even harder about how we have to support and celebrate all of the good people in our lives. We can't just sit back and ignore all the good things that our people do, and then celebrate them after they die. I want all of my people to know what they mean to me, while we are still here on earth together.

Watch the video above. You will see him as he visits prisons, youth detention centers, school, hospitals and more. He's there on Christmas. He gives away school supplies at Trae Day every year. He's in the community directly with the people, working hard to affect change, in the rough and tumble city of Houston and beyond.

And the bitch ass Box has the nerve to ban him for a song. Are you fuckin' kidding me? A man who puts his own time, money and effort into helping the community on a daily basis, is being blackballed by the main urban radio station in his town. It's sick.

We may need to take this shit to the next level. Fuck the fucking Box.


The Box hasn't played this song since last summer. How utterly disrespectful is that?


Brian said...

Well said. Man, HAWK is one of my three favorite rappers (alongside Z-Ro and Trae), and it's a shame he was never heard out here out in the West. He was such a great person too, and will never be forgotten.

As for Trae, he deserves every radio station's support. Not only his his music some of the best out there -- he's also real and cares about people despite all the shit he's been through. Inevitably, 97.9 is gonna put him back on, or they'll fail.

Hanz said...

I bet Trae will now claim ATX now instead of H-Town thanks to Rapic Ric, C.O.D., Mr. Greezo, Vallejo, and Lil Black. I never liked BOX to begin with. He should just go back the underground way instead being on the radio which is mainstream. All his songs will be watered down on the radio if he goes mainstream.