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Bridge the gap between two of my favorite musics. Avant Garde Improvised music and hard ass raps.

"Screwed Anthologies"

Improvised music under the influence of the late DJ Screw

CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. To go to a website with all the information and background on both of these musicians. Basically in a nutshell, these are two major musicians from Houston, doing radical interpretations and interpolations of a style of music that was formed in their very city, in their own way. Jammin' Screw on a trombone and lap steel and shit, ain't even trippin'.

I just got the 2 CD Set in the mail today and am giving it my first listen, after hearing ABOUT It for a year. I've been wondering what the end result was going to be, and I have to say straight up, I like it. I like to see the music spread into all sorts of different situations. I'd love to know what you think. There's an MP3 on the page, that I linked above and here.

And here's some background taken from the site elcangrejito.org/concerts.

David Dove – trombone, amplified trombone with effects, PA/Screw tracks
Lucas Gorham – guitar, lap steel guitar, effects, loops

Complete tour schedule below.

Originally commissioned by the gallery labotanica for the exhibit “Screwed Anthologies”, David Dove and Lucas Gorham bring their long history as collaborators to their exploration of an expansive (yet particular) musical sensibility.

With trombone, guitar, lap steel guitar, loops and effects, “Screwed Anthologies” (which became the name of the duo) improvises without preconceived structure.

Preset compositions/forms are not used, but the two access the thick and languid feel of DJ Screw’s mixes as a guide through their own sound world, sounding something like a record of improvised music slowed down, with a dose of low drones, some achingly-slow-to-a-crawl blues, and a sampling of DJ Screw tracks (selected from the hundreds of mixtapes released by DJ Screw in his lifetime).

Screwed Anthologies connects seemingly disparate musical genres with a deep sense for how regionalism, experimentalism, tradition, and technology cross the lines of genre. Screwed Anthologies makes electro-acoustic improvisation with a love of the layers, thick textures, soulful expressiveness, deep bass, and unusually slow tempos that mark the music of DJ Screw.

DJ Screw was an artist who (in his short life) left a profound legacy that was both intensely regional and extremely influential beyond its region. His music was absolutely experimental, yet not self-consciously avant-garde. It had the urgency of improvisation in its raw construction and immediate creation (DJ Screw made somewhere between 600 and 1000 hundred-minute tapes in only 8 or 9 years).

“Screwed Anthologies” crafts music with a strong influence from their fellow Houstonian, DJ Screw. They make it in acknowledgment of aesthetic undercurrents that connect artists across the lines of genre. They make music influenced by an artist who was one of the most radical to ever emerge from their city.

Screwed Anthologies will release a double CD in time for their Summer tour.

Information on labotanica’s “Screwed Anthologies”: http://labotanica.org/projects_screwed.html


Screwed Anthologies 2010 Tour

Sunday, May 30 – Houston, Texas
with The Gray Tapes & BLACKIE
at The Husk (next to Kohn’s)
2808 Milam, Houston, TX
presented by Resonant Interval

Monday, May 31 – New Orleans, Louisiana
with Koboku Senju (Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Oyvind Lonnig, Espen Reinersen, Martin Tacks)
at Fair Grinds Coffee House (upstairs)
3133 Ponce De Leon, New Orleans, LA
(504) 913-9072
presented by Anxious Sound

Tuesday, June 1 – Jackson, Mississippi
at North Midtown Arts Center
121 Millsaps Avenue, Jackson, MS
(601) 467-7454
presented by Mississippi Improvisation Alliance

Wednesday, June 2 – Nashville, Tennessee
with Hobbledeions, The xists, and Rj
at Betty's Bar and Grill
407 49th Avenue North, Nashville, TN
(615) 297-7257‎
presented by Leslie Keffer

Thursday, June 3 – Athens, Georgia
with John Fernandez
at Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (ATHICA)
160 Tracy Street, Athens, GA
(706) 208-1613
presented by Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (ATHICA)

Friday, June 4 – Atlanta, Georgia
with the k!ll!k
at Eyedrum
290 MLK Jr. Dr. SE, Suite 8, Atlanta, GA
(404) 522-0655
presented by Eyedrum

Saturday, June 5 – Gainesville, Florida
with Ice Jet, DJ Smooth Guy, and more
at The Laboratory
818 W. University Avenue, Gainesville, FL
presented by Action Research

Monday, June 7 – Charleston, South Carolina
with Tribearaclops
at The John Rivers Communications Museum
58 George Street, Charleston, SC
(843) 953-5810

Tuesday, June 8 – Carrboro, North Carolina
with Crowmeat Bob
at All Day Records
112 E Main Street, Carrboro, NC
(919) 360-8516
presented by All Day Records

Wednesday, June 9 – Greensboro, North Carolina
(improvisation workshop and concert)
at 7 Day Weekend
1313 Grove Street, Greensboro, NC
(919) 259-6722
open workshop starts at 7pm
concert starts at 9pm

Thursday, June 10 – Baltimore, Maryland
with Susan Alcorn
at 2640
2640 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD
presented by 2640

Friday, June 11 – Washington, DC
with New Atlantis Quartet and Layne Garrett
at Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD
presented by Sonic Circuits

Saturday, June 12 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
with Bird. Fly. Yellow and Shot x Shot
at Highwire Gallery
2040 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 426-2685
presented by Fire Museum Presents

Sunday, June 13 – New York, New York
with Maria Chavez/Shelly Burgeon/Stephan Moore/Suzanne Thorpe
at White Box
329 Broome Street, New York, NY
(212) 714-2347
presented by White Box NY

Monday, June 14 – Syracuse, New York
with The Atlantic Drone
at Metropolis Underground
615 S. Main Street (backside of building), Syracuse, NY
(315) 884-0026
presented by Metropolis Underground Inc.

Tuesday, June 15 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
with See Through Trio
at Somewhere There
340 Dufferin Street (one block south of Queen/north of KingCorner Building – entrance from Melbourne Avenue),
Toronto, ON
Presented by Somewhere There

Wednesday, June 16 – Buffalo, New York
at Hallwalls
341 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY
(716) 854-1694
presented by Hallwalls

Thursday, June 17 – Ithaca, New York
Secret Audiovisual #3 with Keir Neuringer
at Wildfire Lounge
106 S Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY
(607) 277-9143
Doors at 9pm, Music at 10pm
presented by Wildfire Lounge

Friday, June 18 – Boston, Massachusetts
with Mutations in the Gryd
at Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media
141 Green Street, Boston, MA
(617) 676-5904
presented by Non-Event

Saturday, June 19 – Providence, Rhode Island
with Aster, Panoptics, and (R)octopus
at as220
115 Empire Street, Providence, RI
(401) 831-9327
presented by as220

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