Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crossing Border Day 1

Hey y'all, once again I ain't been blogging like I'm s'posed ta, but I have a good excuse, I'm in The Hague, Netherlands for the Crossing Border Festival. It's one of my favorite events in the world because it combines music and literature and art and the people I meet here every year are amazing. Word to Louis and Michel Behre, my great friends. Thanks for having me.

I'll have a full report with tons of pics next week, but for now here's just a few from last night. I forgot to load Photoshop back on my laptop after the last wiping, and well, the online resize programs take too long and I am impatient. As some of you know all too well.

But last night was opening night and Crossing Border presented the three bands from The Hague who have been selected to perform at SXSW 2011. They've got it going on out here for real.

Pop Up Animal Kids opened up the night and blew me away. I checked them out when I was going through the band submissions for SXSW a few weeks back and selected them to come to SXSW, and I liked what I heard. But I wasn't ready for the live show. These dudes ROCK. (Live is way different from the recorded stuff I have heard, including the video above, hard to explain)

They've got a classic Blues Rock / Rhythm and Blues sound, and an edge all their own. I was floored by these dudes for real.

Pitch Blond was second and also amazing. Real ethereal, heady, pop rock. Something very special for sure.

The Deaf closed out the evening and just whipped the whole place into a frenzy. Amazing band.

They played SXSW last year, and did well, but I think that people are going to really stand up and take notice of this band in 2011. They really jam the fuck out. The new keyboard player is a great addition.

Anyway it really went down last night, and today as well. I'm in Europe mode right now straight up. No sleep, lots of Ketama (look it up, also Polm, also Palm), and lekker cookies. It's cold as a mfer right now here, but I still been walking the streets, inhaling the scene. The Hague is a really beautiful place. More on that next week when I gots my Photoshop and such.

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