Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My past coupla weeks

Man it's really been going down around Austin lately. As soon as school gets back in the city gets flooded with events. Which is good and bad. Good cuz there's a lot to choose from, bad cuz there's barely a million people here and when there's 6 similar events in a night, someone is going to fail. I'd venture to say that there's almost as much viable musical entertainment going on in Austin on any given night as there is in New York City, a city of 12 million people who never sleep. Whatever, I still have fun, but I get sad when great shows that should have 500 people in them, have 50, and were promoted like crazy.

So yeah, come to my shit this week or I'ma be trippin'. ANYHOO. Peep it.

Man I went I guess about 2 weeks back to Club De Ville to see Prince Paul and Aceyalone, what a great show. Acey seen here wrecking.

Shit was crazy though, they had an opening act that featured Riddlore, and also some burlesque dancers, that I somehow kept missing.

Burlesque dancers at a backpacky show? I guess so...

Shit sucked though cuz in true Austin fashion, a big portion of the crowd didn't come till after 11pm, and well, on these outdoor stages the music has to stop by 12am, so the condo dwelling fuck tards can get some beauty sleep. 12:01 am I saw a cop car outsdie, and I looked at the stage and there was dude running like hell to tell them to stop and turn it off.

Thanks Live Music Capitol of the World that has more respect for condo dwelling motherfuckers than music fans and musicians.

So that's why I took pictures of Prince Paul through the window. It was way too packed once they moved it inside.

Then the other night I hit the streets with flyers for my upcoming events. Started out at the Cactus Cafe on UT Campus and saw The Monarchs.

Who are one of the best bands in Austin right now. Shit jams. As I was sitting there I was thinking to myself, why the fuck were they talking about closing this place down? This lil space in this big ass building on campus? What were they gonna do with it when it closed? Make a new broom closet? Its a legendary institution and I am glad they saved it.

Then I went to see Bad brains but it was so packed I didn't try to take any flicks. What the fuck is HR on these days? Halcyon? I like the psycho HR better.

Then I went to the Parish to see Zeale WRECK IT at his release party. What a fucking show man. Shit was killer.

And the new remodel of the Parish is killer as well. Still one of our towns premier venues.

After Zeale I hit up the ND, where Peanut Butter Wolf was spinning (seen here dressed as a Peanut Butter Wolf for Halloween). The ND is where the AustinSurreal Fun Fun Fun Fest After Party is goin' down. Hit me up if you need directions. you do NOT want to miss this shit.

Dude killed it on the video mix.

And Richard Henry got the award for best costume.

And I have no idea how this photo came about but I like it.

Then Saturday night Chico Mann performed at the Scoot Inn.

Shit was amazing, word to Strange Tribe and Soul of the Boot. They are bringing THE HEAT! On a cold cold night.

Anyway, it went down.

Amitiss was in the house.

Erin from LAX and Zeale got awards for best costumes that night.

And then I went home and we had Family Halloween time.

Complete with these pumpkins.

Peep the skills.

My nephew Jude

And my lil Monstaz.

Anyway, see you Thursday and Saturday and Sunday I hope. FunFunFunFest posts coming more thru the week. And a special Fun Fun Fun Fest Preview show is goin' down on Thursday at 3 pm on Radio KAOS!

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