Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Pardon the late bloggage. I know the major outlets already got their coverage in order, but man, I had some recovering to do.

It started for me on Thursday night with Table Dance, an AustinSurreal collaboration with Knuckle Rumbler. People were hype as fuck, it was so dope.

Michael 5000 Watts, Skratch Bastid and Rapid Ric GOIN' HARD!

Toronto's Skratch Bastid, I mean, Sabbath in the Park's Skratch Bastid was in town on tour with the comedian Russell Peters, so we got to start the night off at The Paramount Theatre seeing their show. Dude was hilarious and props to him for having a real DJ on stage with him, showing folks how dope it really can be. Bastid is over the top.

It really went down.

These two good lookin' guys right here.

Pretty much everyone in the place was all smiles the whole night.

AC, Cali Zack and friends

GangstaBooBarbie and Lowkey

D. George, Friend, Jonsense


Japanese Jesus

Nick, Meriah, Laura, J-Ro

Kunal, Lowkey, Reggie Coby - See y'all in Houston tomorrow dudes

Lolo and Gerald G

Davis, Aaron and Rufus in the place

And oh yeah shit, my boy Mike was in town from Erie. We kicked it the whole weekend non stop. Like 100 Heineken Light's deep at the fest and then many man Fireman's 4's, Live Oak Pilsner's. Um, Real Ale Rye. I know you fill dat.

So Friday we kinda chilled, saw Weird Al Yankovich which ruled, and Saturday hit the fest at 10 a.m.

AustinSurreal came in and put the first five acts together on the blue stage and man it was just off the chain.

Nick Nack and his dude destroyed the opening set.

On them turntables.

Triumphant arrival of Butcher Bear

Adrienne, Invincible and friends!

The League of Extraordinary G'z went second and straight set it off hard.

Complete with D-Madness on the drums, and Nick Nack on the tables. What an insane combo.

The League is a crew made up of three groups, Dred Skott, South Bound and Da COD. Some of the strongest spitters in Austin to me. Real dope set.

I'ma be with them in Houston tomorrow evening at SF@ - see flyer below - and then later than that at Damage Control! Tune in from 12am --> to www.kpft.org

This my boy right here.

Butcher Bear & Charlie ripped it next. Their album Carbomb comes out this month and is JAMMIN'

He ain't trippin'

Neither is she

So glad to see Invincible & Waajeed live together.

Brilliant of course.

And of course Devin the Dude and the Coughee Brothaz got the place properly, um, proper.

Wafts of smoke were flying up into the air in every direction you looked.

And it was Jugg Mugg's birthday! Happy Birthday Coughee Bro.

Slick Rick came on right after Devin and had people straight up mezmerized.

However you spell that.

Then later in the night we hit the ND, one of my favorite clubs, for the AustinSurreal FunFunFunFest After Party. Jean Grae missed her flight so we had her come in on the big screens via UStream, which um, was surreal to say the least. SO we accomplished the surreal portion of the party right off the bat, and then Devin came on and rocked the jams for a good hour.

Someone told me we won the award for best smelling show ever at the ND. Interpret that how you will.

The Niceguys from Houston were really great as well. This was my first time seeing them but it won't be my last!

They done smashed.

Waajeed hit the tables

And then Austin's Kydd hit the stage with Cory Kendrix and straight destroyed it. They are very much on to something.

So yeah my day was 10 a.m. - 4 a.m., which was actually 3 a.m. cuz we turned the clocks back.

Sunday I really wanted to see Crew54, but really what I needed was to sleep till like 10, then sit on my couch like a vegetable, then eat way too much at Dan's Hamburgers, then chill some more, then get to the fest in time to see...

JEAN GRAE! Yes she made it and she was amazing. One of my favorite MC's of all time for real. And as Joe Gross says, "the funniest rapper on Twitter." Hand's down. That's true.

Then one of my other favorite MC's of all time, Pharoahe Monch hit the stage.

Like whoa. MONSTER! WAR!

A few beers and a bratwurst from Frank later, I saw Suicidal Tendencies for a bit and the Hold Steady for a bit, then got more beers, and found a spot to see The Descendents.

Still raging

Wish I woulda heard "Hurtin' Crew" or whatever, but I really wanted to end my weekend with A-Trak. Who took it to that other level of the game.

As evidenced by these photos.

Anyway speaking of Canada, we then went home and me and Mike drank more beer and watched Fubar. Tron Funkin Blow. Good Night.


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