Friday, May 27, 2011

Pachanga Fest 2011 Recap

Man I hate when I take this long to post some photos, but alas, they got to be reviewed, resized, configured, analyzed, etc... and well I hit the road right after Pachanga so there was no time. I have not mastered the art of Photoshopping whilst driving at 90 mph thru the West Texas desert (more on that in the next post) so here's what it was.

Once again, IT WENT DOWN!

I got to have a special day with my special girl Elena, and the two of us hit the festival early. She had some great friends in the kids section, so we hung there mostly for the first part of the day.

And Thank God for that tent, cuz the first couple hours were brutal. That Texas sun was BEAMING! But seriously, like 2:30, maybe 3 p.m. or so, this breeze kicked in and I swear we couldn't have asked for a better day.

Whatever, a hot day for hot music. It really went down.

Buncha my crew made it out, which also made me really happy. Here's Steph, Kydd and DJ Charlie in the place.

And of course my lil homey Ziggy, seen here consuming popsicles with my Elena. I lost count after like 5 of them. But real talk, Mom and Pop's Popsicles of Austin are AMAZING! I look forward to having them every year. All natural. The lemon ones were a life saver, the Horchata ones were a special treat, and the Watermelon was just perfect.

My boy right here.

Elena made a Cheetah mask.

I think it's a cheetah.

And Ziggy went shirtless cuz he wasn't trippin' at all whatsoever.

The music was incredible all day, from start to finish. Seen here - Chicanoson

Its a true Latino Music festival with way more than just Mexico represented every year. The sounds just go all over the diaspora.

Master Blaster Soundsystem out of Corpus Christi were a real highlight of the day.

DJ Dus and crew are incredible for sure.

Seriously, I need to get to Corpus a couple times this summer. Great music and beaches are pretty much what I am about.

Ozokids = Ozomatli's children's music project. They were a real treat for sure!

Such fun

Speaking of kids, here's my Elena with her cousins Jude and Layla.

My bro-in-law Mike, and my man JonBlaze4Real

Miss Amedica and JonBlaze4Real

LEGENDS OF TEXAS MUSIC! Ben Webster and Ernest Gonzales aka Butcher Bear and Mexicans With Guns! SO REAL! (See these boys in Marfa, TX real soon, more on that, real soon)

Workmates and such, Sarah, Elliot, James and me.

I love Chingo Bling, always have, always will, but seriously, I didn't expect the crowd to be so nuts for him at this fest.

I knew it'd be great but I'm telling you, Chingo was walking around that place like a huge star.

I mean, he wasn't acting like a huge star, but he was signing autographs like every 6 steps and like, the whole place went ballistic for him.

And the show was amazing. Chingo deserves more credit than he gets for sure.

I mean, he WAS in the New York Times this week.

So maybe I need to leave the house more. Chingo has not missed a beat. He's an amazing guy. Talented, political, hilarious, and with cajones of steel. I mean seriously. While most rappers are scared to say a fuckin' thing, lest they may piss off some label head somewhere that wouldn't give a shit about them either way, Chingo called his MAJOR LABEL DEBUT CD - They Can't Deport Us All.

Chingo All The Way.

Peligrosa All Stars delivered a stellar set as well.

These dudes are straight running thangs in Austin.

Like seriously, running things.

And Mexicans With Guns is running things in San Antonio, this dude is NO JOKE!

If you don't have the album yet, you are TRIPPING. Get it, he's the freshest man on the beat at the moment hands down for sure.

So we had all that, and you'd think that'd be enough, but alas, no. We still had Chico Mann y mas to experience!

Even solo, Chico Mann has a hell of a show.

And a wonderfully unique sound...

That had international superstar Natalia Clavier dancing!

Speaking of Natalia, this was my first time seeing The Echocentrics.

But surely won't be my last.

WHAT A BAND! Their debut album on Ubiquity is already my favorite release of the year. Adrian Quesada is a genius and has assembled quite an ensemble here.

Just beautiful music.

More on Echocentrics in the next post. We went to Marfa and such.

Gorgeous music.

Monterrey Mexico's KINGPIN OF SOUND Toy Selectah tore it up in a major way.

Chingo Bling was peeping him out. If the next Chingo Bling album doesn't feature beats by Toy Selectah and Mexicans With Guns, he needs a new a&r. I mean, I am going to make sure his next album features beats from Toy Selectah and Mexicans With Guns.

Dude just straight wrecked.

Maneja Beto doesn't get to play Austin much these days, but when they do it's like they never missed a beat. They killed it too.

Ozomatli headlined the event and came with one of their best sets I've seen.

Just incredible. So in short, Pachanga Fest is a true Austin gem. I really don't know about a Latin Music Festival this hip and forward thinking happening anywhere else in the world. Word to Rich Garza, Giant Noise and everyone involved in making this happen. What a perfect day.

My boy Chris agrees.

I think the fest might need more cars though.

You know, to get more of the general population through the gates.

Anyway, until next year....

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