Monday, May 2, 2011

Yelawolf, Trae tha Truth, Bomba Estereo, Nortec Collective, Butcher Bear Y MAS!

Man I wish I could get this stuff up faster. I think I need an intern. Cuz this post is about last Thursday in Austin, and in internet time, that's like a million years.

But alas I just haven't had the chance to sit down this past weekend and bang this shit out. As evidenced by the posts I'll be putting up later today, after this, and such.

But yeah, last Thursday was insane in the city of Austin. So many great shows popping off, including Yelawolf and Trae at The Mohawk and....

Bomba Estereo and Nortec Collective at Club De Ville.

Suffice it to say, IT WENT DOWN!

And that wasn't all that was going down, I coulda went to like 5 spots last Thursday, but kept it to three (shout out to the ND, got pics from there too)

Yelawolf came out and smashed it at The Mohawk. Dude has a serious energy AND the ability to rap a full set without the vocals on his CD rambling in the background. THIS means a lot to ME.

Said energy, in fool effect.

He brought out Trae tha Truth to do their song "Shit I've See" together, and then let Trae and co. have the stage for a lil 5-10 minute montage of his hits.

I've seen Trae do this in a lot of different situations and every time he kills it. The crowd goes insane when he comes out. He really is the King of the Streets out here, expect big things this year from Tha Truth.

I expect big things anyway, especially now that commercial radio doesn't even slightly matter. I have waited for this day for so long.

A very dark photo, of a very dark artist. And yes he is still banned from that radio station in Houston. FUCK EM.

The homies Noah, DJ Charlie and Alie Jackson in the spot. Check out DJ Charlie this Friday night at The Scoot Inn where he will be spinning the jams and also DJing for KYDD. More on this later...

Alie "Chong" Jackson is a pretty unique photographer. Always doing some ill shit.

Kydd, Trae

Kydd, Trae and Stephanie - this is all fam to me right here

Trae with Brooks

And then Yelawolf and Trae of course

And then add Fat Face McGillicudy to that one...

And the ladies of SCOREMORE SHOWS! Running thangs.

Somewhere in between all that above, I ran over to Mohawk to see Colombia's Bomba Estereo. Have seen them a few times, they rule.

I kept thinking to myself that this girl and Yelawolf need to get on a track together. One raps in English, the other in Spanish but they have a similar energy/cadence and I think it'd be real dope.

Whatever they are dope enough on their own.

This was a PARTY! Thanks for Rich from PACHANGA FEST for the hook up. OMG I CAN'T WAIT TILL PACHANGA FEST!

And the subsequent end of the world, ANYWAYS.

Nortec Collective also killed it. Witht heir Tuba and Ipads.

Freakin' mind blowing.

Then after having my mind thoroughly blown, I headed over to the ND to check out Butcher Bear's contribution to the Fusebox Festival.

Fun times, he presented a diverse bill that included Shit & Shine with King Coffey as special guest, the crew from the Exploded Drawing series, and...

...this group of drummers whos name escapes me but man, they were AMAZING.

A perfect way to end a perfect night. Austin is out of freakin' control sometimes. I love it.

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Unknown said...

I saw Bomba Estereo at Coachella for the first time and I'm glad I did because they rock! Shoutout to Kydd and Steph my Austin folks.