Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FunFunFun Fest 2011 REALLY WENT DOWN!

And what a fine event it was. Seriously, 3 days of real music with real vibes and not a shit ton of corporate shilling up in your face.

First act I saw for the weekend was the first to hit the Blue Stage Friday, my man Fat Tony.

Who brought the band Mother Falcon out to back him for half his set.

Dude ripped it of course.

And the band was a nice touch and a nice start to the day.

Just after TOny Detroit's Black Milk hit the stage.

Seemed cool to me but I guess he had some sound issues and cut it short, I didn't notice.

Ocote Soul Sounds had no sound issues that I could hear either, they just came down and spread the beautifulness.

In front of the stupid fucking condos in the nu Austin skyline.

Whatever, they jammed so hard.

Close friends Stef and Serg came to town and stayed at the Embassy Suites just a couple blocks from all the action and well, if you know about Embassy Suites you know about their free happy hour that happens daily, and well, we took full advantage of that, daily.

Friday night after party of note happened at Empire Automotive with Kool Keith, Death Grips, B L A C K I E and late addition ADd+ from Dallas. Man, this is one of the best things happening hip-hop wise right now, and it's coming straight out of Texas.

Expect big things from ADd+.

And of course B L A C K I E came out and destroyed the party.

In a major way.

I had already put my camera away when the crowd started to surge and go ballistic, and Serg started hoisting people up into the air and chaos just broke out like hell in an automotive shop with beers.

B L A C K I E s official FFF show was out of control as well. Dude came out and said "I only came here for one reason and that's to tell you exactly what I believe in. I believe in total freedom. I didn't come here to sell you anything..." Etc.

And then he just exploded on and off the stage.

Showing folks how he gets down and telling them whats really real.

West Coast folks look out for B L A C K I E and Death Grips on tour out there in a couple of weeks.

Also Nov. 18th at Mangos in Houston and Nov. 19th at Mohawk in Austin with MELT BANANA!

Dude ain't even trippinG.

Death Grips impressed me on both shows too. Extreme raw power vocals and such.

Probably my favorite band of the weekend. A little out of place in some ways, and in some ways right at home.

They certainly dressed right for the weekend.

And killed it.

African desert psyche rock what?

This would have been me if this fest were 20 years ago.

By any means necessary.

Negative Approach also destroyed their set.

After (sort of) seeing Danzig limp through his set, it was great to see these dudes, same age if not older, coming out like its still 1981 and not missing a beat.

HOw John Brannon can scream like that, for so many years just baffles me. Adele cancels her tour cuz of vocal strain and John Brannon chugs on for 30+ years living ROUGH and rocking non stop.

He's an inspiration to us all.

My man Crispin and my girl Jessica in the place. Hung tough with ol' Jess all weekend which is always a pleasure. AND she brought air horns so it really went down.

I don't know what this or why/when I took a picture of it. Thanks for the drink tickets FFF dudes.

Closing set was of course the loudest and the craziest and the coolest. SLAYER.

I wish they would have done more (only) old songs, but they played a lot of shit I didn't know.

Still and all the destroyed and were a pleasure to see as I lol'd at the condos and all the people who live downtown in this city and hate/don't understand music and what Austin stands for. Shove the noise ordinance up yer ass, I wish I could see Slayer play in an outdoor park every weekend, preferably on a Sunday, maybe a little later.

Hats off to Transmission Ent and everyone involved in FunFunFun Fest. Already can't wait till next year. Wish I would have gotten more photos, but unlike John Brannon, and possibly like Glen Danzig, I have gotten lazy (and cranky) in my old age. Also my camera sucks now. As evidenced by the photos above. Yes, I blame the camera.


DJ Stef said...

Yes, Tinariwen were the only ones appropriately dressed for the dust bowl. Also, you are more like John Brannon than you know. Fun Fun Fun Fest is the best!

BallerCraig said...

Man you ain't even trippin' daw... Where them there Laffin' Hyenas, daw?