Friday, November 25, 2011

Rest In Peace Clip D, ABN

Not sure what happened but I am sick about this. A few too many losses in these past months and all good folks. One thing I do know is Clip was a leader, and one of the few/main people my man Trae would put his trust into. Which means a lot. To the entire ABN Gang, please keep your heads up. And all who loved Clip. I am sitting here wishing I could have gotten him to more countries, more crazy places. I know he got to go to Norway and Finland with Trae, wish it could have been more. I need to get to work on this shit. Too little, too late. Rest In Peace...

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SouthWest PayDay said...

I went to middle school with him in Alief...his government name is Dominic Brown.

R.I.P. Clip D