Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Friends Not Family Christmas Really Went Down!

IN such a major way, OMG OMG OMG it really went down. What a night. Big thanks to all my co-presenters (even the ones who did nothing and didn't even show up WHATEVER), The North Door and everyone who came out. What a great way to kick off the holiday week. #drunk

Priscilla has more pics pon di Facebook! Thanks Priscilla!

Richard Henry came thru and wrecked at the end of the night. West Coast Rap Christmas jamz.

NA, Chris Proper and Aaron in the place!

JazzOne wins the best shirt of the night, hands down. Seen here with Tracie! Two folks who always support the realness at hand!

Crop Diggee and Billy Craig in the place!

The scene in the alley. Smoking section and such.

All my people right here right now with Gary Clark Jr! Austins latest rising star. Did you see him on Letterman? Oh man it was epic. If you missed that check him out here:


Mystery Man in fool effect

Flynn D and Gerald G in the house! #rap

Aaron won the award for best shirt of the night

Desirae in the house! Big ATX Hip-Hop supporter!

Haris the Terrist got them beats!

Word to Die Slo Ent!

Dee-1 coming to Austin next week, Dec. 30th! You should support that.

Lolo the YellaStudNDaSouth and FatfaceNDaSouf

Word to Sertified and Die Slo for bringing the ruckus!

And the Subkulture Patriots too!

Be on the lookout for SKP, the town really seems to be buzzing about them for real.

Anyway yeah man another year, another Friends Not Family Christmas Party! Next year it gonna have to be a lil earlier tho because of the impending end of the world OF COURSE.

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