Friday, December 9, 2011


Yeah so its really goin' down today. As we approach the end of 2011, biting our nails at the thought of 2012 because the Mayans told us to, presents a look back at a great year for Austin music.

So much great stuff came out of this little musical town, and on this podcast you can hear some of my favorites. This is by no means the definitive look at what happened in Austin this year, it's my look. It's 3 hours and 40 minutes long, so you can either download the whole show as one from the link below, or you can stream/download it in 2 parts. I suggest downloading it as streaming this big ass thing will more than likely be a pain in your ass.

Disclaimer: This could have been way longer. There's some songs I just couldn't find in my mess of a life, and well, at the 3 hour and 40 minute mark I realized that I have probably gone a bit too far. What with the attention span of the average internetter and all.

Anyway I hope that many of you jam this at your desk today and I hope that many of you will spread love and send this link to all of your people who may or may not have an interest in Austin music. It ain't just lil guitar boys I tell u whut.


Then go head on and use one of these links if you want it broken in two parts:

Here's the tracklist if you'd like to follow along. Please to enjoy my podcast friends.

1. DJ Orion - Naturalesa
2. Bavu Blakes - Eddie Long - ft. Easy Lee
3. Equals - Salvo
4. End Wave - Belch Yelp Yawn Ouch
5. K-Paul - On Da Block
6. Dred Skott - Let's Go - ft. Devin the Dude
7. Nick Nack - Life In The Speaker
8. White Denim - Street Joy
9. Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights
10. Chili - PB to My J
11. The Echocentrics - We Need A Resolution
12. Soundfounder - The Comforter
13. Sorne - Omnipotent
14. Brainiax - Jakistan
15. White Ghost Shivers - Santa's Sack
16. Nerd Murder - Night Swimming
17. The Creamers - Slow Burn
18. Rubble - You Can't Ever Come Down
19. How I Quit Crack - Old Age
20. Cooley Fly - Cool World
21. Karma Jones, Reggie Coby - Keep Moving
22. Above All Ent. - Fukk Wit Me
23. Purple Diesel - Goodness
24. Terell Shahid/Neckbone - City Talk Corner Convo
25. Total Unicorn - Straight Space Crooked Time
26. Xupki - Dim Shine
27. Atari Matt - Recognizers Ain't Shit
28. Butcher Bear - Made Of Sound
29. Quiet Company - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
30. Ocote Soul Sounds - STTP
31. The Echocentrics - It's Not Too Late
32. Fresh Millions - Hot New Jam From '73
33. Christeene - Fix My Dick
34. Yadira Brown - When They Run (Prince Klassen Remix)
35. Zorch - Cosmic Gloss
36. Signs - Sunshine
37. Rapid Ric, Gerald G, Chamillionaire, Zro - All About My Change
38. League of Extraordinary G'z - Pressure
39. League of Extraordinary G'z - Winners Circle
40. The Throwbacks - Cynical Fool
41. The Culprit - Wander
42. Pimpin Pen, Ryno - Story of a Hustler
43. G$Baby - What Da Biz
44. Moth Fight - Hopscotch
45. Love Inks - Black Eye
46. The Just Desserts - La Valentina
47. Simple Circuit - Sattrash
48. Coma In Algiers - The Machine
49. OBN IIIs - Do My Thing
50. Ocky Good Sounds, Cory Kendrix - Seeing Double (Haris the Terist Remix)
51. Go Hard Jetson, MJ the Disaster - Call It Successful
52. V.I.P. - We Back
53. Boombaptist - Jazz Hands
54. Bali Yaaah - Shoot It
55. The Monarchs - Business Casual

Whew that was a long year. Again apologies to anyone I left out it wasn't intentional and also yes I know a few of these songs came out in 2010, generally at the end, and well I got up on them in 2011, so they are in for 2011. I know this, man. I hope you enjoy my podcast. Spread the word. Austin ain't no punk.

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