Friday, December 2, 2011

This Weekend in Austin!
The Tontons, DMX, Jonti!

Lots going on in the Cap City this weekend of course. Here's a few totally diverse things you could do with your time. I'd like to hit all of them but alas we shall see. Houston's Tontons are always high on my list tho! Tonight at Lamberts!

Might have to head NE tho and catch Dark Man X up in the Mansion though. I know that shit is gonna be insanity X 10. Word to Jimmi Dean and all of ATX on this one...

And Saturday night I almost forgot but JONTI is gonna be at the ND. Dude is a slick producer from Australia whose CD I have had in my deck in the vehicle for a while now. I jam this dude all the time. Glad I remembered this. My mans Havana Joe from Stones Throw (y mas) will be in the house so I gots to see this. And the crew from Exploded Drawing (y mas). RIP J1 and such.

Another heavy freakin weekend.

Also, should I make a new Christmas Mix or several?

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