Thursday, May 14, 2009

2.5 Weeks Later...
Art City + Ladies of Rap Killin' it on Down Night

O.K. So here's the story. Just over 2 weeks ago, we did our first show featuring all female MC's, save for Devin who came in as like the special guest host for our first one, and then the next day I had to pack for Europe and the next day I left for Europe. See below if you don't know how I'm talm bout.

So I put all these photos on a jump drive and planned to resize and post them from my laptop, but um, yeah, I left the jump drive sticking outta my home computer for two weeks. Anyway, so yeah, below please find the photos from the Art City event and from our Ladie's Night show at the Scoot Inn. My wife put together the childrens stage, where I DJed Children's Music for 2 hours, and well, it really went down!

As evidenced by this photo. Eva, Elena and Ziggy PLAYING!

Also eating snow cones of course.

As evidenced by these photos.

My wife on the right.

This girl performed right after my set, so I guess I opened for her.

And of course this lady painted faces.

And art was everywhere. I shoulda done a better job at documenting, but alas...

Rebecca was in the place! Excited for Art and Children's Music.

This thing...


And then yeah, we played.

OK So then that night, we headed over to the Scoot Inn where Devin the Dude and his Coughee Brothaz (why they brought no Sistaz, and never bring any sistaz, I have no idea), Jean Grae, Invincible, Perseph1, Staci Russell, Eyeris and Latasha Lee all performed and KILLED IT! I think we broke alittle ground this night showcasing some of Austin and Texas and the world's finest female hip-hop talent.

My question is this though, why were none of the local female MC's who weren't booked on this show, at the show? Real talk that's gonna reflect on y'all for future bookings. You can't even support this shit unless you are on it? That's pretty wack. We all have things to do, but y'all get on my ass all the time to do all this shit, and you can't even come drop $10 for the cause. Me and Jimmy Dean BOTH lost money on this show, cuz we felt the cause was important enough to spend on, and the local MC's just laughed at us really.

But next time I see them they sure as fuck will have something they want ME to do. Yeah, thanks.

But I'm not one to complain cuz real talk that show went down, and while we could have used a couple hundred more people, the 400-500 that were there had a great time.

And were treated to one of the best hip-hop shows this year in AUstin so far. And yeah, we've had Ice Cube, KRS, etc.

The legendary Mr. Cree aka Crop Diggie on the wheels. We need a female DJ though. Who is wreckin'?

Lolo held it down tought on the hosting and promotional tip. She put a lot of her heart into this show. And it showed.

Latasha Lee is one of the voices behind Carnival Beats and Carnival Beats is THE production team behind almost every Texas based rap song that you know (Still Tippin, Sittin Sideways, Barre Baby, etc). She came out and staright whooped fools with her raw emotion and incredible range. She should really have next out here.

And she brought flowers on stage. Nice touch.

My lil homey Eyeris moved back to New York yesterday. Boo on that, but she's a really fun MC with her own style and a lot of heart too. She will probably do better in NYC, I don't know. Actually, I don't believe that, actually.

Oh yeah, the HoustonSoReal style screwed and chopped photos have returned. I forgot to replace the batteries in my flash, and well, now I can't even find the charger to my camera itself, so yeah, it's a quandary. But honestly, I kind of like all these photos. Fuck it.

The lovely Staci Russell is also a force to be reckoned with on this scene here. What a voice and what presence! Good to see her on the solo tip real talk.

Then of course my lil cousin Perseph1 came up from Houston and we had to put her up on the show. I have no idea how this girl remembers her lyrics, there's so many of them! She's like a wildfire out of control inching up on the city.

Then OF COURSE my current favorite MC INVINCIBLE hit the stage one deep and just WRECKED! I mean, this woman is one of the realest ever.

You have got to go get that Shapeshifters album. Surely it's on iTunes, or down to your local record shop. Something. It's the most essential purchase you'll make this year.

THE LEGEND! JEAN GRAE! Also one of the Top MC's of all time in my book. One of the greatest writers ever in hip-hop and one hell of a performer.

Was great to reunite with my real homey for real.

She really does not ever need to leave the stage, ever. Just keep killing it, bringing it to the people and such.

Thanks for the flash dude.

Then this dude wanted a picture of his head.

Then my dude showed up. Again.

Then Invincible sold some merch.

Then Devin met Jean Grae.

Then Jean Grae went off pretty hard on a dude and then we left. The End.

Also we ate Fuddruckers on a Sunday morning. THE END.

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