Friday, May 15, 2009

Willie D Update from Isiah Carey

From Houston newsman Isiah Carey's blog:

Willie D will be in federal court today (Friday) at 10 am. He will be on the 7th floor in Judge Malloy's courtroom. If you're a fan and you want to show support you may just show up...the federal court house is in downtown Houston on Rusk at Bagby.

Man I wish I could just up and drive to Houston right now. If I would have read this last night, I might have. To support the legend, the pioneer of this whole genre, the man who brought the souths mouth to the mainstream, and scared the hell out of said mainstream.

Ah, those were the days.

Anyway man, you can also click here to see Channel 2 in Houston's report on the situation complete with video footage of Willie D being led out of the court/jail/whatever that building was, and commentary by my man John Lomax.

This shit got my mind playin' tricks on me. I had to say it... I really hope he didn't do this bullshit. If he did though, we ALL need to think about how our legends, and our pioneers, and our musicians and artists who paved the way for all of us in this business to make money and feed our families are treated and have been treated.

I mean, this is not the first time, and won't be the last, but I hate to see legendary artists who made such a contribution to our culture go out like this. Obviously broke and desperate.

If indeed the man even did this shit.

But seriously folks, I know too many broke, musical pioneers. Fuck the whole music industry, I'm pissed now. I mean, again.


Bayan The One said...

maaane fa real tho, being broke and desperate even if you're a legend doesn't justify cheating fawks out of they money, especially when u's a legend, especially fawks on the otha side of the globe when u know they can't come and check u

lotta legendary painters, poets died in poverty, that's sad, not normal, but that's life

not saying Willie done did it cuz innocent until proven guilty, just had to disagree with your sentiment
just don't see a logical connection between doing dirt and being po

Bayan The One said...

also i have to ask when the last time a prominent country, rock, pop or jazz artist went to prison or was charged with serious charges?

i guess u're either a musician or a thug, very few can/could combine the two roles