Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lolo's Pics from Ladies Night in Austin last Saturday!

I already done told you that it went down, and I think I wrote somewhere below how I put all my photos from the show on my home computer then didn't have time to resize and put on the blog sooooo what follows are some pics that my girl Lolo aka YellaStudNDaSouth took/had. I jacked em from Eyeris's Facebook. So yeah man.

But suffice it to say...

That this right here is two of the greatest MC's of all time. Jean Grae and Invincible are unfadable on every level.

Eyeris, Staci Russell, Lolo, Invincible and Jean Grae THIS MY PEOPLE!

Jean Grae and Lolo

Staci Russell is the ONE!

Look how she wreckin'. The girl is serious. She had the MOST played CD in the Skoda on das Autobahn this past week...

My bro DJ Crop Diggie and My girls Eyeris and Lolo!

Jean Grae WRECKIN'!

Miss Amedica and Lolo! Miss Amedica finna Graduate and such.

Me with my peoples including Perseph1 who is a top MC for sure. She said to me last Sunday "Yeah, you would Twitter." Yeah, I would.

Devin and them Coughee Brothaz on stage, not sure why none of the Sistaz showed up!

Devin the Dude and Jean Grae!

Staci Russell and Miss Amedica!

And then of course me and Lolo.

Anyway, this show meant so much to me you have no idea. I should write more but I have no weed in London and I gave these kids the key to the hotel and shit cuz they said they would go find some "on road," but it's been an hour and oi fuckin' vey I am too old for this shit. GOOD NIGHT WORLD!

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Thomas said...

Did you really need to tell us those weren't your photos? Clearly your shitz would be waaaaay blurier.
Take some lessons from Lolo man!