Saturday, May 9, 2009

Photos from Devin's Camera - Europe Tour 2009!

We gotta head to the venue soon, in Helsinki now, bout to do the last show of the tour. Here's some photos from Devins camera, but check 'em again in a bit when I add captions and some commentary from das Dudenheimer....

Berlin from the stage

Our Berlin Posse!!!

Me wearing Yarah Bravo's glasses at her request

Keyza Soze and I bout to hit the Autobahn to Munster

Skaters Palace in Munster - where I twisted my ankle for those of you keeping score

Devin the Dude and the man as boy

Devin's first piece! Ha!

Looks real good, I know, but it got old QUICK!

Then of course on to Bergen where we made many stops to see our people!

Mats, Young H - who had a track on the Landing Gear album and Leca!

Dude, Me and Slava in the studio


What is in this bag is most certainly not healthy

And the chips SUCKED and the shit cost like $12 each.


Jamie of the Trill DJ's

Sway is the man and REALLY looked out.


Then we took the train from Gothenburg to Copenhagen. Very nice break from planes.

I was just looking at the pictures and learning how swine flu is spelled in every language.

Our good friend Heidi Elizabeth in the house in Copenhagen!! Thanks so much for all your help Heidi!

Heidi worked with us at SXSW this year. Can't believe we have no photos of Ganzemueller in Kaiserslautern...

DJ TYPHOON! Thanks to you my man! What a great night!

Copenhagen Crowd

Oh yeah, they have these in Denmark

And these...

Security Fuzz

Then in Stockholm Devin had his first Swedish Meatballs

And this was our dude behind the bar!


Mapei on the couch

DJ JOHANNA B!!!!!!!!

Mapei Dancing

Okl P live on stage in Oslo

Oslo Crowd!

Onkl P & Devin

Fancesca made the flyer!

Our great friends in Norway Junn, Jeanette and Vibeke!

Also our great homey SPLIFFY!

Yeah so this was the Oslo afterparty, at the point where I said ENOUGH and got up and went to the hotel for a few hours sleep. Now in Helsinki paying for it....



Anonymous said...

cool... got any pics from helsinki comin up?

Anonymous said...

pics from Helsinki too... plz!!

Jhon said...

Thanks for this post, all the photos are very nice. DJ always be the heartof the any party, then how can we forget about this. And if we talking about female DJ then there is no need for any other alternative of entartainment. And for this we should give thanks to the india's first dj. Thanks