Monday, June 22, 2009

Another fine week!

OK We're gonna go backwards today.

First of all I don't know why I didn't take any pictures on Fathers Day, but suffice it to say IT WENT DOWN. Thanks to my family and all the wonderful well wishers and such. It's been quite a week. Bizzy Bone and B-Real this past Thursday, Santigold in Houston Wednesday. And the Frio River the weekend before. Photos to prove that all of this happened appear below.

Legends Live at The Mohawk.

Bizzy Bone ran through all the hits. Some people said he rapped over his vocals, and he certainly rapped over other peoples vocals, but I didn't think he was doing that on everything.

Honestly the dude had a pretty good show. All the Bone classics and he just ran through it like hell.

Lookin' like that the whole time and shit.

B-Real of Cypress HILLLLLLL!

They shoulda told the people Sick Jacken was coming, was a nice surprise though.

THEY ALSO SHOULDA LET THE PEOPLE KNOW JULIO G WAS GONNA BE ON THE WHEELS! He shoulda DJed all night. That's a legendary DJ right there man.


My girl Lolo of course.

My girl Laura of course, in the wind.

Richard Henry and Dubb Sicks in the PLACE!

Alright so the night before I was in Houston seeing my bro right here.

And also Santigold in concert. And also Trouble Andrew but they done put Amanda Blank on too early.

So whatever, show was o.k. I am not really tripping to be real with you, but the crowd sort of was. The after party was a bit of a stoned blur for me, but yeah, it went down.

Herb, Jagi and T-Gray!!!!

DJ Gracie Chavez!

My dude Craig and Trouble Andrew, professional snowboarder, and he opened for Santiogold, and supposedly they are getting MARRIED!

Here's my girl Tish and my bro of bro'z Jackson! Jackson lives in Beiruit right now as a reporter and just happened to be in Houston this week with his family. Convinced him to come out for a drink and to catch up. MY DUDE!

and yeah, that's me in a fresh Blac Monks t-shirt. I mean an old one. Rumor is they are back together working on new material. BUDDHA NATURE!

And then yeah, the weekend before we were out in Concan, Texas at Neal's Lodges off the Frio River. 105 degrees every day. The river was low, but moving a bit. We swam, we dove, we got some sort of stomach bacteria or some shit. But whatever it was awesome. This is OUR SPOT.

John Lomax and the kids found this hog skull...


Eva goes a lil nuts out here

Don't know what it is

We swam like 7 hours a day

Played with rocks

and such

Wendy and Andy parents of

Astra. You had to eat popsicles reeeeeaally fast out there. I swear, 105 degrees!

And then we hadda go down the road a piece.

To the spot.

Yes, it says Liquor and Guns. The spot.

Then we had MAD RIBS!

My young homie FISHER!

And Eva.

Pretty much went off on the last night.

Can't stop, won't stop.

Melissa haze...

Not sure why I took this photo. I think it was the river bacteria. I mean seriously, look at my eyes. That wasn't from what you think it's from. That's like some survivorman of the river type shit.

Anyway, yeah, it went down. See you at 2 Live Crew Thursday? MOHAWK ONCE AGAIN IT GOES DOWN!

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