Sunday, June 7, 2009

My bro Snap on

Man seriously if you have followed HoustonSoReal and AustinSurreal at all in the past years and have not been following you are only getting half the story.

This week the man FWMJ profiles my boy Snap and drops samples from his new mixtape. Seriously man, I been watching Snap and his crew, now known as The Niyat since 1991 at the Hip-Hop Coffee Shop. Maybe even before that, not sure, but man this dude goes hard and has been going hard.

Matter of fact I ben jammin' this dude since his first group (?) Poetic Souls with GT back in the early 90's. Their 12" "Too Much TV" is a classic to me and last year went for an insane amount of money on Ebay.

He's one of those unheralded extreme lyricists who may be a bit over the heads of the masses, but should certainly not be ignored. I have a burn of the Niyat album, or an early version of it and I am telling you these dudes are the lyrical shit. Not sure why almost none of them have ever had a proper release, ever. It's a shame mayne, but they do not quit and I feel real lucky to know them and be able to hear their genius over and over again for what, um, yeah, 18 years dude. Shit, it's proof that there is just no reason to quit doing what you love. Such things keep your soul alive, also mine.


Download the mixtape you whilst not be sorry.

The main question should be, bottom line, "Is it dope?"

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CathrynMarie said...

Snap from Houston? the artist (meaning drawing and rapper)/photographer/videographer? lol..thats my dude!