Thursday, June 25, 2009

Iran Needs Your Help: TarantisT

We all know this. We've all been watching the news, but here's a lil something that might hit a lil closer to home. Read on.


Subject: Need Help

Iran's government has beaten one of our band members badly in
Iran so he can't walk, also they threw tear gas to the basement
the guys were practicing. Evrybody now is in danger [like all
the people in the country].

We need to save them as soon as possible, So we are asking for
help to be able to afford their costs and bring them here as
soon as possible.

People can help by buying our songs/album on iTunes [our songs
as compensation for your favours while you may don't like them]
or donate us on our Paypal account. Would you please spread this
word to the world and to the people or organizations that may

Meanwhile other Iranian bands are in touch with us and they say
that they are hidding all the time since Government is arresting
dissidents and musicians. We want to help the other bands, too.
But we need help, can't do anything alone.

We really would be thankful.

Your Iranian brothers,

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Contact us:


the maternal unit said...

THANK YOU for posting this, Matt.

TarantisT said...

Thank you very much. Thank you.