Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What We Do On A Summer Night

Well almost summer, and a week past the school year so we can stay out late, go to bars whatever. Yeah, me, Eva and Elena going out to hear some music and see some sports. Tonight we hit the Sonic Youth listening happy hour party presented by Waterloo Records and The Austinist at The Mohawk. Then on to the SXSW vs. The New Brohemians softball game, with a stop at Hoboken Pizza in the middle right there. And here's some photos to prove it.

First and foremost it has to be said that FREE WILLIE D is a MOVEMENT and needs to be respected as such. It has already hit the bathroom of The Mohawk hard and I expect it to spread all over the world. This is real.

I mean you see it right there in front of your own eyes, it's a movement. Get down with it.

Stacey, Elena, Eva and Amy in the VIP of the big Sonic Youth listening party

Gerard Cosloy DJed and done killed it.

Christina Carter hath returned to Austin and was at the helm of the merch booth where they were selling said new Sonic Youth album on vinyl and CD. Well, I got the CD for Eva (and Crite stole a poster off the wall for her) and we are jammin' RIGHT NOW.

I caught Lizzy a little bit off guard.

There was a dog in the venue.

Crite and Bavu Blakes!

Brandon and Carrie!

Real partiers

Emo Eva

Elena believes she can fly

ANyway the party at the Mohawk was over the top, just really goin' down, but we decided to role down Red River a piece and get some Hoboken Pizza, then head over tot he SXSW Softball game against a team called something something something New Brohemians. THey won I guess, but I'll say my peopl gave it a good try and there were some real faulty calls. OK!

They were not tripping.


Erin on deck

The boy DK on deck

Stacey in the bleachers

As was Jill

As was my Austin dude of all dudes!

And as was Sara Kempton, on the enemy team but no one was even tripping.



Anonymous said...

Free Willie D! Although I do not agree with what he did; SOME PEOPLE should've had his back so he wouldn't have to resort to such mesures. Ohhh also, when I mention to folk in Houston what happened to Willie D, WHY that was the first time they heard about it and/or don't give a damn. Damn shame!!!! :(

I want a bumper sticker! I wonder if Tshirts will be made [like for Z-Ro, Pimp C, ect...]

I heard from a birdie that Ro might be locked up again [gotta go to court for something?] so its not looking good :/

Gene Steele said...

That is a shame about Willie D. The Geto Boys are one of the most important groups in Hip Hop history so it's sad things had to be this way.

(commenting on what TheHoustonGirl said I hope that isn't true about Z-Ro)

Oh and I second that as far as wanting some Willie D stickers. I'm downtown a lot so I could sprinkle them around.