Monday, June 27, 2011

Bali Yaaah, Pimpin Pen, End Wave, Digg, Boom Baptist and MORE

Man I been slacking on these photos. I been going out, I swear, I just keep putting off the actual resizing of the photos and such. Which is ridiculous, cuz when I went to get these photos off the camera, I found a whole nother set of photos from like 3 different events, on another camera. So those are coming in the next daze or so.

Anyhoo, it wasn't so long ago that I went to the 2Pac birthday celebration at the ND.

I walked in to Mixed Use Media on the stage. Exactly NOT what I expected from a 2Pac birthday celebration, but I have to admit the whole night stayed interesting and dope musically and I ended up staying till 2am straight up.

And really didn't mean to. Mixed Use Media was dope tho.

Big ups to Digg for putting this together. And for calling it a 2Pac Birthday Celebration. I feel that.

Multi-Tracker Aaron done laid down a serious one man band PA style set.

For that ass.

And Boom Baptist got on the boards, or the beat machine and straight killed it. Some real unique and jammin' sounds coming from this man. And he seems to be everywhere out here these days. Definitely need to get more music from everyone on this show...

Then a couple daze later I hit up MusicMania for the Pimpin' Pen/Tosin CD Release event.

The new CD It's Hard But It's Fair is a real dope disc, and a great place to start if you want to hear what is happening hip-hop wise in Central Texas.

So good to see these dudes back together again. K-Paul and Pimpin' Pen, V.I.P. from Austin, TX


Above All Ent's Pacboi Tank came out to show love with his son Trae'von!

Lil J of Da COD/LOEGz, and Danny from On The Line in the spot.

I used to work at MusicMania in 1998, for real.

Seldom seen in the pictures section but here he is the man himself, Tosin. Legend.

Sertified is always in the place showin' love. I been enjoying his new mixtape a lot as well.

Crew in Effect

Then that night my wife and I went out to see one of my favorite new bands in Austin, Bali Yaaah. But first...

Rescue Mission.

Didn't get to see enough of them but they sounded good. Need a CD.

Picked up a CD from these guys though.

End Wave.

And I've been playing it on the AustinSurreal Show. Dope stuff and lots of fun.

Alex and my wife Melissa

Morgan, Celeste from the Monarchs and friend

And then the headliners.

They came out and wrecked shop.

Problem here is, between End Wave and Bali Yaaah I stupidly dropped my backpack and broke my flash literally in half. That first shot is what happened when I tried to force the pieces back together and take a shot. Sorry guys. And then I just tried to shoot without and well...

Dark shots of a dark band.

With a bright future.

If you haven't already purchased their Never Early Always Fate EP, I suggest you get it in this format...

Usagi flash player
the EP is also available on a special edition USB Mp3 player. This is the first and only ever EP released on such a device. The “Usagi” flash drive is not only a 2 gigabyte flash drive shaped like a bunny and loaded with extra material, it comes equipped with headphones and plays MP3 files on the go!

Anyway I hope to see all my Houston people at House of Blues tonight for the Trae Show. Ya Mo Be Thurr.

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