Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trae tha Truth OWNS Houston
Pics & Review from Street King Release at House of Blues


This may be the fruitiest thing I have ever written on my blog, but I love to see Trae smile.

And smile he did on this particular night, his first headlining, 90 minute + show that he put together from start to finish and straight killed.

See Trae tha Truth is no stranger to adversity. Listening to stories from his life, you can't help but feel for the man. He's held his family and a good portion of the Houston rap community on his shoulders for some time now, and well, its finally his time to start really reaping the benefits of all his work. He's a good dude that does good things, including mentoring youths, visiting prisons and juvenile facilities, and heading up food and toy drives around the holidays. To call him selfless might be a bit much, but to call him the one rapper in Houston who really genuinely gives a fuck, is pretty much right on point.

The show was at the House of Blues, yeah, the only place in Texas where a Lone Star tall boy costs over $6, yeah that place. But we won't hold it against him. Even I went a bought a clothes basket at Walmart last week, I mean, we all do what we have to do.

Female rapper Uzoy opened and I am pissed that I missed her as I like everything I have heard so far. I am not sure who the group was that was on when I walked in, and no one else was sure either. But shortly thereafter, my (not so) little (anymore) brothers the Grit Boys hit the stage and well, it was then that I knew I was home.


The Grit Boys have been grinding hard lately.

And making dope jams.

I shoulda been up in the photo pit right from the jump, but I was in the back sipping on a very expensive (however cheap) beer, when Trae came out on stage on a big ass bicycle on swangaz. The whole night was full of raucous energy and incredible vibes.

I'm quite sure no one in the place left disappointed. He brought out a serious A-List of artists one after the other and straight wrecked. Unfortunately the B, C, D and F List artists couldn't make it out on this particular evening, but I'm not gonna spend any time on that. Outside of Trae and Bun B I really don't know too many rappers who give a fuck about loyalty (and aren't scared of girls).

ANYHOO! The night was just positive and inspiring from start to finish.

EZ Access has been documenting the movement that is Trae tha Truth for some time now. I'd like to see some tight footage from this show in particular.

Clip D is his right hand man.

And has the thowedest piece in the game, and I really don't give a shit about jewelry. But his, yeah.

Oh yeah, Trae had a live band. Shit was so jammin. Though I do have to give some criticism here, he still had a lot of songs where the DJ was playing vocal versions in the background. RAPPING OVER YOUR OWN VOCALS IS DEAD. Even if you are Trae tha Truth. Fuck rapping over your own vocals. That has to stop, immediately.

Yung JOc came out and did "In the Hood" and a few other jams with Trae.

Crowd went bananas the entire time.

It was great to see them boys from SLAB on the stage. It wasn't just a big show off fest, Trae had his fam in the house as well, of course.

Jayton killed it.

Pops, and Mama C - Pimp C's mother were in the house and on stage the whole time.

Mama made a super sweet speech about Trae saying he is one of her favorite babies and an angel, and well, she ain't lying. She knows whats real.

Much love and respect out to the entire Pimp C Family.

Waka Flocka came out and wrecked. I had no idea he was NBA sized.

But he is.

And he brought a special energy to the show in a real way.

EZ Access.

Lupe Fiasco set the place on fire. And did a few songs, including "Bad Don't Seem So Wrong" of course.

And then seemed to hang out on or around the stage the entire show.

And seemed like he was having the time of his life.

Pretty dope to have all those folks on one stage together. But that wasn't it.

Didn't get a lot of shots in the crowd but here's a few.

My good friends Perseph1 and Jackie came down and came through!

And the ladies of Scoremore of course were in the place - Jackie, E. Dot and Clare, who is now officially taller than me. Oh them Scoremore kids, how they hath growed.

Me and Perseph1

Niq from the Grit Boys

Samaan of TXTV and friends

Scooby, Delo, Yung Redd and Niq

Of course the man who started it all was there to support...

J. Prince.

If HE can make it out you would think... whatever never mind.

Don Cannon was in the place!

And the white girl in this photo even played violin on a couple jams. Was pretty insane and also dope, to see.

I'm not sure how this photo got taken, I swear.

DAM FOOLZ MEET FUTURE RICH! Great Scott, Yung Redd, and Niq

Great Scott and King Tutt

Yves of the Niceguys was in the place

Also seen here with my man Dex. Was so dope to see the new generation of Houston in the house reppin. Wish I would have snapped more photos of them folks. But they were there.

The promo legend - DREADLOCKS

The woman with the plan! NANCY BYRON!


Mama C and Meshah Hawkins. Two women who lost two great men, and still stand strong and keep their names alive. (Pimp C & Hawk)

JADAKISS was in the house, and killed it as well of course.

Seen here with ABN's Pyrexx in the background.

Don't be scared now, it's just the next Asshole By Nature to come out with them jams. Pyrexx has a strong future from what I can see.

And of course what Houston rap show would be complete without at least one part (the end) featuring every fool who ever said hello to Trae more than once on stage acting like they are doing something.

Why does this happen at rap shows? You don't see rock bands surrounded by people who do absolutely nothing in the big scheme of things on stage with them.

I guess this show was a special occassion, I don't know. And some I guess needed to be up there, but many did not. I honestly rarely even go backstage anymore. I just want to see a show. And side stage is not the place to properly see a show. ANYHOO.

As you can see it really went down.

And Trae left the place knowing he did something really, really right. He packed House of Blues with no help from the urban station in Houston and thats kind of unheard of for Houston artists. They all lean on the radio so much. But Trae proved that you don't have to suck on the clit of a magic troll to make it in Houston.

Always happy to see my girl Teresa in the place! Wish I would have had time to swang thru SF2.

Got to meet UZOY at least, hope to see her perform sometime soon.

And then Jackie decided to slide down the escalator rail.

The End.

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