Friday, June 17, 2011


The Texas way! Come out and dance under the stars. Tonight at the Scoot Inn them Peligrosa folks will serve it up hot.

25 down right there easy. Just get there early and keep the dance floor moving till 2 a.m. That's generally how it goes down at these thangs.

RSVP For Peligrosa pon di Facebook page right here.

Then Saturday night Knuckle Rumbler has a serious floor rumbler happening at the Beauty Bar, which is also partially outside which means yes, indeed, you can get your sweat on and drop that other 25.

Info on the party at hand here, but just know that Mochi Beats is said to rival both Girl Talk AND Hood Internet, so it's really goin' down.

And if that's not for you well, Verbal Abuse and Dayglo Abortions will be at Red 7, right next door. Word to Houston's Nicki Sicki and Canada.

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