Friday, June 17, 2011

Nook CD Release Party +
ND at 501 Studios Closed for ONE MONTH
Then reopen with a BANG!

IT's goin down Saturday night in the ATX. SO many events to choose from. If you want to support some real Central Texas rapps, you definitely want to hit the ND. Nook will be having his release party and Da Shade will be doing his first official solo show (I am pretty sure it's the first official one).

Then after this show the ND will be "going dark" for a month while they remodel, add on, and um, GET OFFICIAL.

Anyway this is the press release sent out just now by Krissi Reeves of the ND.

-- ND to Take Time Off for TLC and Finishing Touches: Grand Re-Opening to Follow --

"Since arriving on the scene in 2008, ND at 501 Studios has made its way by embracing the DIY ethic: during daylight hours, construction and development has guided the evolution of the former sound stage into a working venue. After the sawdust settles at night, the room hosts a plethora of shows featuring a wide variety of music and performance.

After this weekend’s events, the ND crew will huddle up behind closed doors for a final push and resurface in late July with several new features and amenities for the Austin scene.

“During these next weeks, we will be finishing out our back bar, launching a kitchen, putting some new style into the main space, and adding a couple of other surprises that I don’t wanna spoil,” said ND co-owner and Talent Buyer, Mike Henry.

Fittingly, the first show back for ND will be The Encyclopedia Show’s Season Finale on July 21. The monthly Encyclopedia series has grown to be one of the venue’s favorite offerings, and showcases the room’s penchant for performance-oriented events. Filling out that weekend’s calendar will be Black Widow Burlesque (7/22), Bearracuda (7/23) and the annual Battle of the Slams (7/24).

August 4-7 will be ND’s official Grand Re-Opening weekend. The lineup will be released in the coming weeks.

“It’s been a very long road,” added Henry, “but it’s been an amazing one. I’m proud of what we’ve done so far, and looking forward to moving into the fall when this space station is fully functional, so to speak.”

Henry has been known to quote Star Wars. Often.

ND fans and followers can expect news, propaganda and innuendo to be released over the weeks to come via the usual online outlets.

Feel free to contact me for more information and see you soon!

Krissi Reeves, ND Creative Director"

I went to the ND last night for the 2Pac birthday event. Its one of the finest venues in town hands down and it's not on stupid ass 6th Street, which is a plus. Pics and fool report coming later today!

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