Monday, May 14, 2012

I Told Y'all R. Kelly wasn't going to perform at The Mansion

Well, not all of y'all. I usually stay out of other promoters things and just let them happen. But I was kinda shocked at how many personal friends of mine, not only have no problem supporting a pedophile molestor who caught himself in the act on video, but were actually going to the Mansion thinking that R. Kelly was gonna perform on a stripper stage for a $30 ticket.

I was ready to eat my words Sunday if everyone I knew who went came back and told me how amazing the show was, but um, yeah, I was right. 100% right.

This was a "celebrity appearance" as you will soon learn in the video below. For these type of things, people pay famous people to come to their clubs, walk around a bit and then post up in the VIP. Basically you paid money to be in the same room as R. Kelly. That's all that's it. It's a hustle I cannot knock, but I for one sure as FUCK am not going to even attend any "celebrity appearances" let alone pay to do so. I hate celebrities.

So whatever, in fairness, I saw the flyers, nowhere did it say "celebrity appearance," nor did it say "just hosting." It also didn't guarantee a performance, but um, we live in Austin, the live music capital of the world. This isn't LA, this isn't NYC, this isn't even Houston. This is a place where 99% of us go out to see/hear live music. So yes, I suspect that many people in attendance had their hopes up.

Like these folks:

Julie Sunday of How To Have Sex In Texas Wants A Refund

Devon from the Austinist was not stoked about it

My man Chad at Austin360 really wasn't too pleased

But my friend Annie had a great time so whatever.

Maybe there was some merit in this. Check the video and see for yourself.

And this is the "performance"

If it sounds too good to be true, it pretty much is. Always.

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