Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reggie Coby and Muhsinah LIVE at Hotel Vegas Last Night

OMG REAL TALK IT WENT DOWN! And I was genuinely shocked. A progressive, new, unique artist, with a couple locals, on a Monday night and the place was packed and enthusiastic. This was no joke.

I almost stayed on my couch, I can't even lie. My wife went to bed and I was like, "well maybe I'll just go to b..." and I pulled myself up and hit the streets in the life giving rain. And I am so glad that I did. First of all Hotel Vegas is one of my favorite live music venues to hang in. Its just good vibes and the right amount of raw. Place looks like the sound would suck in a punk rock way, but for Reggie's set at least, the sound was utterly perfect. I even complimented the sound man and he said he's been on the road with Gary Clark Jr. Touche, so yeah he knows what he is doing.

Anyway, Reggie Coby of the League of Extraordinary Gz really has something special. On the beats and on the mic. Singing and rapping. He's a modern day renaisssance man, if that is indeed how you spell the word. Fucking hell he's the man. The crowd went ballistic the whole time.

Even when he brought up Do Wrong and gave itup to the late, great Esbe da 6th Street Bully, may he rest in peace.

This was actually really rough. Also I am hoping there is better footage than this out there of the whole show. Twas no joke. Try not to cry, be tough like Da Bully. Yeah right...

So happy for my brother Reggie for real.

So happy, like him. He was geeked the whole night. Musinah is one of his favorites and this was the first show he ever put together on his own. Did a great job and made a real connection with the people, and hopefully Musinah.

Max Frost is also an ATX Force to be reckoned with!

Muhsinah hit the stage and brought the gorgeous for real. Her music is just that, gorgeous, and composed and played by her. She had a shaky start, singing to a laptop, but when she hit them keys and pads it was straight magic. Lots of fun to be had last night.

I want to see her again. Next time in Austin I predict Mohawk. Then the next time, Stubb's.

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