Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pachanga Fest 2012 Wrap Up!

Feel the funky real! It really went down this past weekend in the ATX! It was Pachanga Fest time once again and man, what a weekend. This, as I have stated a couple years in a row right here on this blog, is one of my favorite festivals year in year out! Latin music from all over the musical spectrum, in one place at one time, and its just gorgeous. Also the weather was more gorgeous on these two days than it may have ever been before in this here city, ever. At least in the past year. Hands down, Saturday was the NICEST day we have seen in Austin, TX in at least one full year. Just look at the smiles on Rich Garza (founder and el presidente of Pachanga, Inc) and Alex right here.

Suffice it to say, IT WENT DOWN. And for the first time I have inserted a jump break. MORE PICS AND FOOL REPORT AFTER THE JUMP!

And the rain wasn't shit. We have been getting PISSED ON (in the good way) this past week in ATX. Non stop rain, torrential downpours which is an excellent thing for us. BUt God smiled upon Pachanga Fest and only let loose a few small droplets on us Friday night. Making the opening night kinda feel like a true European festival. An escape as it were. Which was all the better for me. And Chingo Bling didn't mind either.

Seen here straight wrecking.

Friday night opened up with Peligrosa, then Chingo Bling, then Outernational and then Calle 13. WHAT AN EVENT!

Chingo even had a booth the entire weekend, because unlike many rappers I know, he actually HUSTLES and takes advantage of every opportunity and always has. Dude had some dope stuff as well.

Outernational played both days and were real dope.

From NYC they are a political, conscious rock force to be reckoned with! Tom Morello co-signs!

I couldn't get too close to Calle 13 as their audience was OFF THE CHAIN and I never remember to ask for a pass into the photo pit because I hate the photo pit, I want to be with the people.

So poor me, yeah. But yeah, shit was insane. A real FESTIVAL EVENT!

Saturday I started off at the Kids stage of course, even though my kids and my wife went to the Art Car Parade in Houston, which I hate to miss, but what am I gonna miss Pachanga (like I am going to miss Free Press Summer Fest and Chaos En Tejas, oi vey)

And then for some reason went to the Dr. Pepper/McDonalds night club that was on site. This was a big ass decked out trailer with flashy lights and video games and lil plastic cups of Dr. Pepper for the people.

I honestly didn't get it, but whatever it was amusing. All "Latin" Top 40 HITS blared from the speakers all day.

Whatever they shoulda given away chicken nuggets or some shit, then maybe me and Seritfied would have stayed longer, but alas and alak, they did not. Just sodas.

My girl Bianca FIESTA holding it down at the gates

Rapid Ric came out with the lil one Maddy for the Pachanga!

We kicked it tough.

Was very happy to see the legend Ruben Ramos in this setting.

What a great show.

And Alejandro Escovedo. If you live here you get a lot of opps to see this dude (Relatively, also THANK GOD) but I hardly ever do so this was great. Seeing a legend and all.

I shoulda got some pics of when he brought out Patricia Vonne in her dope outfit, but alas, I was in the back. STory of my life.

Was happy to see Outernational twice in one weekend.

They put it down pretty hard.

And of course Ana Tijoux reeeeeeaaaally killed it!

Gorgeous music under a gorgeous sky.

Her DJ, DJ Dacel played our afterparty too. GREAT PEOPLE!

Lookit that sky, come on now.

Kirk from Subkulture Patriots in the space.

DJ Dus was the last set I got to catch at the fest before heading to the Scoot Inn for the official After party put on my myself and the good folks at Pachanga Fest.

It was a LATIN HIP-HOP EXPLOSION of sorts. Snow tha Product headlined, she is from Fort Worth by way of Cali, and is signed to Atlantic Records. She is one of the firiest spitters in the game at the moment and is poised for big things. But tonight she and some other good folks like DJ Rapid Ric and DJ Dus, DJ Dacel, Sertified and J. Goods all played the inside of the Scoot Inn for an intimate night of foreseeing the future. It really went down.

Sertified is a reality rapper, also a street rapper, also a conscious rapper. He has a lot to say and says it well. I need more music in my life from him. He's a force for sure.

J. Goods and crew brought the party and got it rocking.

No doubt, dudes put it down.

Folks were in the place.

Cold Cris came through repping for Puerto Rico street wear brand Akolatronics. Had some dope give a ways and I think this could be a big line in the US real soon with Cris helping spread the good word.

J. Goods and my good friend Jessica in the place. Thanks for always keeping it real Jessica!

Lil J and Lowkey of the League of Extraordinary Gz. I can't wait to hear the REALITY RAP Mixtape from Lil J. Because, that's what I like.

Priscilla and Blaxsmith in la casa!

Rapid Ric and DJ Dus need to do this more often, what a crazy combo.

Straight up.

Sertified and Cory Kendrix in the house. I'ma post a link to get Cory's Free Beer mixtape on the blog later tonight its a BANGER!

Sertified and Mos in la casa.

Man this girl straight killed it. She just recently recovered from some vocal issues and thank God she did! She's so dope, the rap game needs her.

Lyrical with a lot of energy, A LOT.

David Gaona behind the scenes with the Rapid Rickster.

Seriously, I want to see more and more of Snow tha Product, she wrecks.

My old KPFT Kompadre DJ WOO was in the house doing interviews for his TV show in Houston. He's the man, seen here with my favorite bartender Tiffany! Scoot Inn rules.

J. Goods and Snow tha Product after the show.

And again.

Anyway as you can see it really went down and will again next year. What's next?

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