Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dinos Benefit a Great Success y mas!

WOW! Last night reeeeaaallly went down. I haven't DJed in some time, well since Christmas, and since there were like 9 bands, I didn't really spin all that much last night, but whatever. ALL the bands were killer, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth made some money to replace some of their equipment (see below, they got jacked), I played 2 songs by Da Willy's and something off the Pussy Galore Feel Good About Your Body 7". Mighta played Isley Brothers and Quincy Jones "The Dude" into some Awesomecooldudes, then like yeah, I twittered and drank a lot of beer.

Big thanks to my girl Sun-Jue Shin for organizing this and making it a really magical night!

Bands played on the stage, the floor and the patio.

Sun-Jue Shin our hostess for the evening seen here with HERMIE!

David Weaver of's A-List shoots photo of Red X Red M, who are jammin' as a mug.

Red X Red M

Stephanie, Stacey, Cluadette, Amy COLD COOLIN'!

Sun-Jue and Melissa

David Williams at the helm


Amy, Me and Stacey!


Dinos killin' it acoustic on the patio!

Anyway yeah it really went down. I forgot some bands names so I'ma put 'em in as soon as Sun-Jue hollers back. Till then um, yeah, here's a couple shots from my past couple weeks.


Ken Vandermark and Ab Baars at the Victory Grill. What an incredible show. It was so nice I really did not want to interrupt it with a flash of light so yeah, this is the only sort of halfway worthwhile photo I got. But man, what a show. So nice to see Ken Vandermark again!


And then of course here's some shots from Easter of the fam. As you can see, Easter too, WENT DOWN!

Sara Ann

The whole kiddo clan

Even Zigaboo was in the house!

Katy doing a trainwreck with a hard boiled egg

Ziggy's first Easter Egg Hunt!!!

And then of course my lil bugaboos. We livin' the life over here...

See you at the Scoot Inn next week.

Also, I got that Buraka Som Sistema - Black Diamond album and whoooooo it is JAMMIN'! Portugal for the win.

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Your girls are really the cutest ever.