Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rapid Ric Presents Devin the Dude, Bobby Ray (B.o.B.), Cory Mo, Chalie Boy - Gettin' High???
Real Version, though still unfinished...

We're not sure exactly how this leaked, but it's been in the can for some time and somehow an unfinished version of this track hit the net alla sudden.


But whatever, it's the net, we all love exclusives and if I said I didn't grab songs from blogs, I'd be really trippin' right now. But we want to make sure a few things are clear. And blogs/vlogs/websites take this info and take this song - the real version - and replace what you have please. Shit, this one isn't even done. Y'all have no idea what's really real on this one.

But shit here's the info, please tag, list, post, remit your shit accordingly!

From WHUT IT DEW - The Album DJ Rapid Ric Presents Devin the Dude, Bobby Ray aka B.o.B., Cory Mo and Chalie Boy - Gettin' High - which may or may not be the title of this track. We, you, all shall see. PLEASE LIST ACCORDINGLY UP TO YOUR SITES. I already know Ric hit you up personally. Take this version and make it happen.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Rapid Ric Present's Devin the Dude, Bobby Ray (B.o.B.), Cory Mo, Chalie Boy - Gettin' High THOUGH THIS IS NOT FINAL MIX OR EVEN VERSION!


Anonymous said...

I'm jamming it now :D its pretty nice! I may post it on my blog so others can peep it :D thanks Matt!

JuliaErvin said...

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