Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm actually serious about that title below

I know! I need to quit trippin' and get back to writing this blog here, for Twitter just isn't enough. Yeah man I got this laptop and I have this audio software and as soon as I figure it out I'm gonna get back on the podcast tip. And I've got so many good records right now. I gotta start puttin' it down again. I feel you. Come to the shows in the next couple weeks:

Friday at Beerland I'm DJing at the When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Benefit show. All their equipment was stolen man, come thru!

And on the 25th at The Scoot Inn - Devin the Dude, Jean Grae, Invincible, Latasha Lee, Staci Russell and Eyeris! 8pm

See you at Reggae Fest?

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