Sunday, April 5, 2009


YO the homey Noz woke me up this morning with the tragic news of The death of Tony D. Well not literally, but his tweet tweets on Twitter were like the cock-a-doodle-doo of an apocalyptic rooster. Maybe not that severe, but tragic none the less.


And of course read his tweets here. If you are a cornball like me and use that Tweeter thing. OH WHY DO WE TWEET?


It seems as though legendary New Jersey Producer/Rapper/Crusader for Real Hip-Hop was killed in a car accident last night. Shit sucks. I think about that shit all the time, dude was 42 years old and had a hand in so many legendary artists careers. One car crash and he's gone...

It always tripped me out that he, an Eye-talian dude, did the beats and had the first verse on the Poor Righteous Teachers first album. One of the most pro-Black rap discs ever. (O.K. one of many, but one of the best for sure!) I remember the day I bought that shit and popped it in and was like, "Um who the hell is THIS dude rapping?" I was like what, 19 then, didn't know all the intricacies but soon realized he was down with all that real shit. YZ, etc.

My dude Bobby Fine always bigged him up and I got to meet him on a couple of well, for lack of a better word, industry occassions.

He will be missed. I hate to be all racial and shit but um, dude was one of those white dudes in the game WHO WAS NOT AN EMBARRASSMENT to the whole white race. He was so fuckin' real and one of those dudes that gave hope to dudes like me. He taught me that not every white dude in an oversized Starter Jacket was a wigger cornball from the burbs just trying to be down. Like the ones at my school and surrounding schools seemed to be.

I mean this was an era where there were more shitty whiteys trying to get on than even today. You didn't mention Tony D alongside fools like Vanilla Ice, Misa and Jesse James, dude really did his thing.

1987 mayne...

One of the jamminest jams of all time.

Some fun shit...

I mean, seriously, come on now. R.I.P. TONY D!

(Also, I wrongly Tweeted that it was Tony Dofat who died, but I was wrong. I was still in bed when I read Noz's Tweets. Tony D from Trenton is Anthony Depula. Tony Dofat came up partially under Diddy and is also a legendary producer.

Also this was a fuckin' jam. Listen to that PRODUCTION!

Anyway man, now it's just another Sunday where I think too much about how I HAVE TO STAY ALIVE and see my children's children have children. R.I.P. to a TRUE CRUSADER FOR REAL HIP-HOP!


DJ Stef said...

Thanks for posting. One of the best producers in the game, ever. Gone too soon. I remember seeing Tony D in SF during Gavin '91. "Check the Elevation!" Rest in peace.

MrLaw, Crusader for the Real said...

Let's be clear--Tony D was ahead of his time and only now, post humously do we give my dude his just due!! If only any of you could've been along for the lifelong journey we enjoyed, beginning in 1984 (graduation night) through the hard years trying to get heard, cosignment shops for the rarest breaks, deejaying Trenton State College parties and Rider University and WPRB in Princeton, shopping deals in Philly and Gavin Seminar in San Fran and dude was genius and i've had the pleasure and privilege of riding with him for 25 years!!