Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Extract Premier Went Down!
Mike Judge! Jason Bateman! Bun B and More!

Yeah man, tonight, it really did go down. The Austin premier of Extract, the latest film from Mike Judge.

As seen here out front of the beautiful Paramount Theater, pon di red carpet.

Richard Linklater also pon said carpet.

The view from the line at the Paramount Theater.

More view.

Anyway man, I'm no film critic, but I can tell you, my readers, that Mike Judge hath once again delivered a deft work of cinematic excellence. I mean it's fuckin' hilarious. Judge has a knack for capturing the real America and making you feel it.

And he did it again.

And the Q&A was a lot of fun.

And well, Bun B was in the place at the screening and the after party at The Mohawk.

The King of the Trill with the King of the Hill, Bun B & Mike Judge

Jason Bateman & Bun B at the Extract after party on the roof of the Mohawk.

Janet Pierson, SXSW, Bun B, UGK

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