Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FREE MP3! Bavu Blakes
"On the Cool"
320 for the DJ's

That's right the man is back with the first single off his forthcoming album (is it still gonna be called Too Selfish after all these years of selfishly holding back this dope album? I dunno) - "ON THE COOL!"

It's a club banger that's already getting a lot of love in the streets and in the clubs down here in Texas. O.K. It's no "Stanky Leg," yet, just give it some time. Let it absorb up into yo mindstate.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BAVU BLAKES - "ON THE COOL" - 320 kbps or whatever. It's 320.

Produced by PICNIC TYME! One of my favorite producers right now.

So yeah, get you some music and go head on and leave a comment below. You never do, tsk tsk, come on now, it's all I ask. Feedback on the jam.

1 comment:

World Premiere DJ's said...

song was weak homie, real bad taste if ya ask me. im just sayin...it suckd