Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hahahah, and I found it to be kinda funny. Funny especially cuz it was sent by "The Anonymous Music Guy." Whoever that is. The address at the bottom says said guy is in Oregon. OK, well, have a read It's funny. Also DJ Drama is not white. Why you trippin' Ano?

Also I did NOT write this. Just woke up, turned on my phone, read this and laughed.

Even if most of it is true. OK read on...


My name is Anonymous Music Guy. I do this for no personal gain or benefit of
self. This is just a personal weekly view of the music industry. Please pass
this on

Let's face it, white people today have destroyed the mixtape scene. They
have pilfered off of the black generation since the days of slavery, but now
it's a new era. An era of musical slavery. Mixtapes were once an outlet for
young people with musical energy to put out a product with out enduring the
costs of putting out an album. Mixtapes were a way for DJ's to broadcast new
and upcoming talent to the underground market with fans patiently waiting to
see who is next to blow. Now it's nothing but a pure bootleg market, where
non Black/Urban DJ's basically steal peoples albums and music and put them
out solely for profit and reputation.

We have guys like The Evil Empire, The Empire, DJ Smallz, Trapaholics, Big
Mike, DJ Drama and etc that are fucking the game to hell. These people have
no urban roots. They never lived in a "hood" and likely never endured a real
"struggle". They have no real care for this culture. All they care about is
there fat white pockets getting bigger and bigger off of each new "nigger"
that comes out. They don't break artist. They break artists banks. Literally
and figuratively. They put out mixtapes with no names to identify themselves
which is basically considered bootlegging. I even heard of one certain "DJ"
having a "hacker" on his team who goes into peoples Gmail accounts to steal
"exclusive" music. This one DJ recently took GRANDHUSTLE rap artist YOUNG
DRO's new album and put it out on a mixtape..... WHAT KINDA SHIT IS THAT?
How could you profit off of someones hardwork you did not pay for? You didnt
buy the beats. You did not cover the studio time so what makes you think you
can go out and bootleg there whole album and someone be cool with that? What
kind of shit is that? What has the game come to?

Then you have the supposed "Big Shots" like DJ Drama who give nothing back
to the black community. But it makes sense since he is not* BLACK*. I erk at
the sound of him saying "*NIGGA*" constantly. This guy has been supported by
so many artists and in return to the community he charges outrageous prices
to the people he supposedly supports. Homie does nothing but scream all over
music, I don't know how that makes you an "icon" that deserves 20 thousand
dollars to make a "mixtape". I'm sorry sir I'll pass. His last album did
nothing and went by quickly *with good reason*. Go back up north. Good

The young black musician of today, with music dreams and major label
aspirations has to hope and pray that one day the BWM(*Big White Man*)
sitting in his chair will cut him a budget and give him the time of day. If
he ever gets that time of day, it's very much short lived for the simple
fact of the corruption placed in the music industry today. It has spiraled
and regressed into a piece of shit where young black people will sell there
souls for a little dollar.
The white man who profits will never care about
the damage that is done, I don't blame him. I blame the enslaved black
youth for not waking up.
Don't be a slave to your music, be a owner!!!

Artists have totally devalued there music and self worth in the music world.
Is there any coming back?? better yet, going forward?

Call me racist, call me what you want but WHITE PEOPLE have destroyed

Next week, how WHITE WOMAN have destroyed the Urban Magazine Industry

please pass this along.

Anonymous Music Guy


Oh wait also the last line... um dude, white men, and a half and half dude in particular, already ruined the "Urban Magazine Industry" - way before Ozone. I already know where you are going with THAT. Also some smarmy, black, fruitcakes too. They did, I witnessed it. Sometimes I think only a lone Sri Lankan keeps it real in the "Urban Magazine Industry." Is that even an industry? Anyway have fun readers!

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100% real!!!!