Friday, August 28, 2009

Mo' Thowed Than The Dead Sea Scrolls

I get all sorts of shit in my email box from people who want me to post things on AustinSurreal. Quite often these days, I delete those emails before I even look, cuz it's generally some cockamaimy poppycock (I have a 6th Sense, you see).

Anyway, this dude asked me to not say who he is, and honestly I have no idea who he is, except that he still uses hotmail in the age of GMAIL, but um, this looks like the original lyric sheet to Bun B's verse on "Big Pimpin'"

If that's too small to read I'll upload the full size scan when I get home and post a link.

Did he say "Rosario Dawson" in the recorded version? Nope.

UPDATE! Dude checked the link and then said alright I'ma break you off with this too then. And I said "Get Gmail mayne, come on now."

Anyhoo, is this Pimp C's lyric sheet from "Sippin' On Some Sizzurp?"


Bubba said...
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Carter said...

Man thats trill was it BBS lol....but yea can you post the larger one i wanna print this Whore out!!!!!!