Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is one of those posts where I say It Really Went Down A LOT
Latium 10th Anniversary WENT DOWN!
Panty Raid WENT DOWN

I mean cuz really, it all went down. Lets work backwards here. From Monday on back to Friday. Shit, it's Wednesday already.

After a whirlwind weekend in New York City, arriving at 10:40 p.m. on Friday and coming home at 7:55 a.m. on Sunday, I hit the road out to Houston after work on Monday for the Latium 10th Anniversary Party.

If ya done know, Latium is like, the upper echelons of music business in Houston. They have been behind the careers of so many incredible artists. Chamillionaire, Baby Bash, Frankie J, Natalie, and now Slim Thug, Rob G and even Pitbull. Charles Chavez and the Latium family are those type of folks who really do it for real.

Anyway check the flicks, the party really went down (though I couldn't get close enough to get a good pic of Charles chug-a-lugging Patron. He also didn't recognize me when I said hello to him, two minutes after said chug-a-lug as he appeared to be making a bee line for the bathroom. HA!)

Anyway yeah, why does every Houston party have an ice sculpture? I mean, it's pretty dope but yeah. Also, where the fuck did Club Reign come from? I lived in that area (Washington Ave. down by Shepherd and Durham) less than two years ago. I also frequented the scum pit punk rock and blues bars in that area at various times in my life (beloved scum pits that is). My car stereo was stolen in said hood back in the day, and now they have an upscale, freshly built club with a roof deck, a karaoke bar, a wine bar, etc. S0 weird to see that hood transform like that. This being the same hood where the psycho cop tased a crowd - including a 14 year old kid - after a noise complaint a couple years ago. Now its like, a "club district." I also remember when John Lomax wrote in the Houston Press, maybe 5-6 years ago, that Washington Ave. needs to become a club district, similar to Austin's 6th Street or Dallas's Deep Ellum. Well looks like they are doing just that. Building more places for DOUCHE BAGS TO GO DO KARAOKE, BUY BOTTLES AND BE A GENERAL NUISANCE. Just like 6th Street and Deep Ellum have become. Thanks y'all. Fuck live music, art, all that. Fuck it.(Word to Walter's on Washington, I pray you stand forever.)

And I mean, I know that comes off as hating man, but I'm on the inside of this shit and I see it all over the country. The real getting replaced by the plastic. That being said, a couple of the bars down there look pretty cool. But Houston, and most cities, need more places for young musicians to nurture their art. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING.

Damn, I didn't mean to start hating. Lemme get back to the fun stuff.

Cuz the party was indeed fun. Check out the VIP Section. It was straight bustling. The whole place was a VIP Section. Everywhere I looked I was like damn, look who's here.

Like the man BIG SID! Just signed a deal and will finally get his music out there. This dude is a TRUE GRINDER. From West Texas even man. He deserves great things. Keep an eye out.

Bone and International Red, of the Rap-A-Lot Family, also the upper echelons of music biz in Houston, as you know. Out to show their support.

MY DUDES! Been a long time KG and Steve Raze!

DJ Buddha and friends. Word to Sticky Green Productions.

BW and Inertia of G4 in the place.

Dolemic reppin'!

Two serious grinders who are about to blow! Pimpin' Pen and Big Sid. Was great to see the man Pimpin' Pen out there. Live from Austin, Texas. Check out Pimpin' Pen live this Saturday at the Hot 93 Summer Jam alongside every rapper from Houston.

T-Gray reppin' their sponsor GREY GOOSE!

MY DUDES! DJ Ebonix, friend and T-Gray!

Slim Thugga was up in the house.

My bro Play from Play-N-Skillz with them ladies.

Again, in the booth.

BW once again, with Bria. A nice bartender as opposed to the one that yelled at me.

And here's my super-broz Brandon Holley and Mike Frost in the place, covering the event. Surely their photos are much more clear.

Thanks to Brianne for the hook up and word to all my people at Latium. Here's to another 10 years fam!

So yeah, the reason I went to New York was well, the event of all events was happening again. Do you believe that we hath now completed the EIGHTH Sabbath in the Park. Legions of haters said we'd never get past the first one. The police tried to shut us down ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASSION. But honestly, we can't, and won't be stopped. Sabbath in the Park is a MOVEMENT!

And the first international edition is coming in October at Pop Montreal. Who's with me? Is Canada ready?

Anyway this time around we had a band come help us celebrate. INTO THE VOID plays the music of Black Sabbath, and totally kills it.

This is not just some Sabbath cover band, it's a super group of sorts. ALl these dudes come from other Sabbath tribute bands. Like the creme de la creme of Sabbath Tribute bands.

For real, check em out. Their MySpace page has all the info you need is right there. Into the Void is NOT on Twitter. Which makes them all the more realer.

Word them the fuck up for real.

DJ Ayres coordinated this edition of SITP and straight killed it. Seen here with SITP OG's Rob Babylon and Gina Gold.

That's like the upper echelons of Sabbath in the Park right there.

And here, Maggi Horn, the First Lady of Sabbath in the Park.

J. Lee was quite hyped.

For theband.

Me and Queen Majesty in the place.

Here's Rob signing the bands email list. I signed it too and got this epic email of thanks.



That's some good folks right there.

Boy got hype.

40 Oz and the girl with the same shirt as the singer. Also the shirt I need to get my hands on. I may actually even enter a Hot Topic. Or Spencers, or whatever store sells ROCK SHIRTS. I'm out the mall loop. But it's a hot shirt. Realtalk.

Email list still in effect.

Gigi and Natalie (TEXAS STRONG) Ladies were in attendance, at Sabbath in the Park VIII

And she put in major WORK with the beer bong. I think Ayres did like 5 of them.

I really couldn't fuck with it.

Puja, also upper echelons of SITP FAM

Whylin' out

Soufi and Spring, Texans in Brooklyn

DJ 11 is also upper echelons of SITP FAM

Here's Maggi getting shit really live in the spot.

She did make a comment to me later though about the band. As real as they were, we both kind of felt that they could put a lil more oompf into it. I don't know if they need to dress up (Queen Majesty thinks that dressing up would make them less real, maybe, she was kind of undecided, but rode for the band, which is cool), but part of me thinks that if they did, they'd get a lot more work. Dude sounds like Ozzy, pretty spot on and the band can definitely play.

Maggi also thinks they should be a lil more raging, as opposed to being such precise players. She was like "Did you see when I handed him the beer? He took like two sips and put it down! Ozzy would have chugged that motherfucker, I mean damn!"

Yeah Maggi, keep on keepin' it real.

The groupd shot happened as I was ambling around the back trying to get the rest of the crowd into the group shot, but oh well.

Yeah, it really went down.

And this is my man who runs the Brooklyn Yard. Word to him, I had to post these for my children, who sadly couldn't make it to Sabbath in the Park this year. Stupid high ass flight costs. I need to get my wife and kids to the big city soon.

Anyway yeah, check my dude.

THE NIGHT BEFORE, immediately upon arrival, I hit up the Panty Raid at Savalas in Brooklyn. Word to Puja, Cousin Cole and Benny B. Boys got it poppin'.

Also word to drink tickets.

Yeah, real partiers in the spot.

And yes, the realest partier of them all, Tierney.

OK I gotta get to work. Hope you all see some meteors tonight. Eva, Elena and I laid on the trampoline last night and think we saw a few. Not sure.

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