Friday, August 14, 2009

More from the Realest Rapper Out Right Now: INVINCIBLE

My girl STAYS makin' moves. She puts the active in activist for real. Girl has my heart for real with every song she does, and that ain't no sappy shit that's some real fuckin' talk. Every rapper who reads this site needs to sit down and really listen to her and see how she is saying more in one song than you have all year. Straight up man, this shit floors me. Word to K-Salaam & Beatnick!

Invincible produced by K-Salaam & Beatnick - The Emperor's Clothes
Directed by Maha Bazzy and Wesley Taylor

Seriously do yourself a favor and go visit Invincible/Emergence Music's new travel agency: EMERGENCE TRAVEL AGENCY.

It's not a travel agency but it will take you places you need to go.

I been sayin' it, and I mean it, REALITY RAP IS NOT DEAD. No matter what Viacom, your local radio, all these other blogs, tweeters and industry hoes tell you.

So many of you fools are chasing the same dollars. Dollars that are going to fund apartheid, both at home and abroad.

Anyway, get to watchin'.

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Anonymous said...

Ny$s traxk jackk

I left a comment on youtube for her, some constructive criticism, on an aesthetic note (i believe) (???).