Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday Night at Mohawk!!! BIG EVENT!
DJ Jester, Casy & Brian & MORE!

Why I only go out on nights like Sunday and Monday, I just don't know. But it's happening again!

At one of my favorite spots in town so it's all good for sure. Looks like a super fun night. Anytime DJ Jester hits the decks you know it's goin' down, and on this here particular night he is joined on them turntables (in between acts at least) by DJ's Hot Cross Buns (Nate from When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth)
and Splatz McGee (Sun-Jue Shin).

From the "press release"

Come on out Sunday night, Aug 16th to Mohawk for a fun filled night of music featuring :

Cowabunga Babez (ATX) :

Casy & Brian (SF, CA) :

Best Fwends (ATX, FW) :

DJ Jester the Filipino Fist (ATX, SA) :

So yeah, see you there. Check the sites above for samples of the jams at hands cuz it's really goin' down.

Oh shit Dino's pre-tour release party of sorts or whatever it is is happening at Beerland tonight. Hmmm. That's them boys.

Boys ain't got no flyer but check the Facebook informational source.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth west coast tour kickoff, and double 7" release show!

We've got two new 7" records for you. A split release with Batwings from San Diego and another 7" titled Jandek Cat. A super dope lineup with Dana Falconberry, ELVIS, and Sir Daniel Francis Doyle. Also the Austin debut of our recession style 4 member band. No Frills. Still Loud and Annoying.

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